People love to come to Penang. Why is it special? Its chill atmosphere of a colonial idyll mixed with modern life of second biggest metropolis in Malaysia. Penang is also mixture of cultures. The island has 3 main rases: Indian, Malay and Chinese, which live together in peace. Contrast of […]

10 Best Things to Do in Penang

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Mixture of cultures in Penang makes it very diverse in many aspects. For instance, it has become a sort of brand in Malaysia’s culinary field. I discovered there are a lot of tea houses in Penang, and they are so different from each other. One by one I was getting tea-high […]

Explore variety of Tea Houses in Penang

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Langkawi beaches is a perfect winter escape to rest under the palm trees. Ideal weather for most of the year brings tourists to enjoy the sun and sea. The island is on the North part of peninsular Malaysia, very close to the border with Thailand. It makes it easily accessible […]

6 Langkawi Beaches you Should Visit

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Explosion of colors, spicy piercing and mental dances on the streets – it was insane! Thaipusam is a Hindu festival, definitely the weirdest festival I have ever seen. What is Thaipusam? The Festival is celebrated during the full moon of the 10th month in the Hindu calendar. It is mainly observed in countries where there is a significant presence of […]

Thaipusam – the weirdest festival I have ever seen!

Planning to visit Sumatra? This green island crossing the equator is famous for incredible wildlife, which will surely amaze you. I created the video from my month-long trip, recommending the highlights and my favorite spots. The article below is a summary of what to see in Sumatra and supplement at the […]

What to See in Sumatra, Indonesia

Lake Toba is one of the biggest volcanic lakes in the world. Will amaze you with fairly tale views, relaxing guest houses and magic mushrooms. Why this place is unique? Around 70 000 years ago, Toba supervolcano explosion covered the Earth with smoke and poisoning gases which killed most of […]

Lake Toba – Overview on What to See and Do

How island with few poor villages became one of the most modern states in the world? Mixture of nations, cuisines and languages will shock you. What if you have just one day in Singapore? Singapore is famous transfer airport, so that travelers often stay there for a short period of […]

One day in Singapore? See all the highlights!

Those, who dream about jungle experience and watching orangutans should come to Sumatra, Indonesia. Bukit Lawang means “door of the hill” and it’s a small village in North-West Sumatra, on the entrance to Gunung Leuser National Park. This park is one of the richest in South East Asia and since 2004 […]

Jungle Experience with Orangutans in Bukit Lawang

Between Europe and North America, cutting the Arctic Circle stands this incredible country – Iceland. Contrasting forces of ice and fire exist side by side. Some 11% of the country’s surface is covered with glaciers and about 30% are lava fields. On average, a volcano erupts every five years, but fortunately only rarely […]

20 Weird Facts About Iceland That Will Amaze You!

I noticed common dilemma among travelers which come to Thailand for short period of time. North vs South Thailand? Over 1600 km is quite a long and time-consuming distance and you don’t want to spend half of your trip in the buses, do you? On the other hand those two parts are totally […]

North vs South Thailand – where to go?

Czech Republic is a country of beer! Definitely having strong beer culture, long tradition of beer making, plenty of breweries and variety of beer kinds. Hopefully, you have already read Czech beer essential guide and now, when you know all what you should finally, ready to try it! In the same […]

Where to go for a beer in Prague?

Czech Republic has unique beer culture with no doubt! Traveling around Czechia will make you see different types of beer foam, will make you confused with beer degrees or upset with Czech customer service. That’s all you will get here – experience like no other! Beer nation doesn’t appreciate bottles much. Bottled […]

4 Ways for Czech Beer Foam You Didn’t Know!

Prague is a magic city and most of the people simply fall in love with its charm. I used to live here for one year so trust me, I know where you should go to see best places! I prepared for you tour including highlights of Prague, the most beautiful […]

Top sights in Prague – see best places like a local

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The mysterious jars spreading over the territory of northern Laos, near Phonsavan. I am so glad I went to this place since it is not on the bucket list for most of the backpackers crossing by. Archaeologists agree that it is a remnant of culture inhabiting the area between the 6th century […]

Phonsavan – mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos

Happy cemetery in Sapanca (Romania) has the title of the strangest monument on the UNESCO heritage list as well as the most amazing cemetery in the world! When you come to province of Maramuresz in the northern part of the country, you will feel like the time has stopped! Cimitirul Vesel (name of the cemetery […]

The only one – Happy cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel)

The ruins impressed me so much so that it is hard for me to imagine what a castle was like in the medieval age! On a lofty hill above the town and the famous Spit Chapter, at an altitude of 634 m. Rises a mighty medieval fortress. It is Spiš […]

Slovakia for a weekend – Spiš Castle (Spišský hrad)

Imagine entering 200 km long wine cellar with your own car and Moldavian sexy guide sitting just next to you and telling the story of the winery. You feel like it is a labirynth of underground wine streets. Sounds great already? Fast your seat belt, the adventure in Milestii Mici has just begun! […]

The Biggest Wine Cellar in the World – Milestii Mici

In this beautiful area surrounded by forest covered mountains and waterfalls I invite you to coffee plantation in southern Vietnam close to the city of Dalat. I have to admit that I am more of a tea lover but I like to drink good coffee from time to time, especially when […]

Coffee made out of shit seen as best in the world

Bieszczady Mountains are my favorite in Poland! They hide this wild ambiance to feel out of the planet. Perfect place to forget about concerns, worries or job and find inner peace. Just you and nature. If you plan to visit Poland I hardly recommend putting it on your bucket list. Stunning […]

Places you must see in Bieszczady Mountains

Myanmar is a beautiful country but every one will tell you that the best are people there. No matter what you are going to see in this country, still you will remember those cheerful faces more than monuments. Kindness was just overwhelming and unbelievable! From all the countries I have […]

People of Myanmar – photo gallery

Whenever I meet foreign tourists coming to Poland they visit big cities such as Warszawa or Kraków. If they have more time they often head to see Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk, some go to Zakopane. It is a pity, because Poland is much more than that. If you like parties […]

Off the beaten path in Poland

For a reason I called it queen. Tourists consider white temple as the most beautiful in Thailand. In fact, it is not a typical religious object but astonishing piece of art! White color plus glass elements reflecting on the sun make it look like made out of ice or crystal! Complex […]

White Temple like a Snow Queen of Thailand

I came to Thailand second time with a strong will to take a part in Vipassana meditation retreat. Reading, searching for the right place I came across many paid opportunities and also free options but courses were organized in a certain dates. I couldn’t find any which would match with my stay in […]

Vipassana Meditation Course in Thailand

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It is completely normal to see head of the animal on the street in Tunisia. It caught my attention since for me it is peculiar. I totally understand that butcher wants to advertise his meat and show everyone that it has been just killed! Fresh meat! Yeah! However, walking next […]

In the queue to die – question of halal

I am writing about my favorite place in Morocco – Chefchaouen, also called blue city. Famous for blue-rinsed houses set on one of the hills of Rif Mountains. Town looks like from a fairy-tale – labyrinth of narrow streets and blue buildings. What I loved there was its calmness – […]

Morocco – The Blue City of Chefchaouen

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If you are looking to see modern, west – European city, Copenhagen will answer your needs. Indeed, you will see good quality of life and multi cultural environment. Do not worry about the language, because Danish people speak very good English and are always helpful, if you ask for directions. Everywhere […]

Enjoy Weekend in Copenhagen

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According to the Oslo agreement from 1992 all cities in Palestine are divided into 3 areas. Firstly, area A – just Palestinians, controlled by Palestinian police, secondly, B – for both Palestinians and Israeli controlled by Israeli authorities and lastly, zone C – just for Israeli. With this “solution” citizens have been […]

Israel / Palestine Conflict – Trip to Palestine

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What the hell is wrong here? Do you want to read history of Bulgaria in few seconds? Here it is: Land on Balkan Peninsula was ruled by Thracians, Persians, Romans. Last ones loved their hot springs building their baths everywhere possible. Macedonian, Celtic and finally Slavs, which taken up the mixture […]

Facts about Bulgaria you didn’t expect!

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What economic crisis made in Greece is very sad. Now also overwhelmed by thousands of immigrants coming from east, which treat it as a gate to Europe. Even though, Greece still carries on, helps immigrants as much as possible, doesn’t get involved in the wars abroad or terrorism. Athens is huge, […]

Why you shouldn’t skip Athens while in Greece?

Traffic I have to admit crossing the street in Iran is even more insane than in India or any other place I have been. Of course there is no traffic lights, cars going like crazy and there are numerous. On the wide streets it is impossible to find a moment with no […]

Iran – my impression after traveling

Beer (pivo) in Czech Republic is like bread. It is so common to drink it so that even if you drink at work or at lunch break most of the supervisors will have no problem with that. It is not forbidden to drink on the streets as well, apart from […]

6 Facts about Czech Beer You Must Know!