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For a reason I called it queen. Tourists consider white temple as the most beautiful in Thailand. In fact it is not a typical religious object but astonishing piece of art! White color plus glass elements reflecting on the sun make it look like made out of ice or crystal! Complex […]

White Temple like a Snow Queen

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I came to Thailand second time with a strong will to take a part in Vipassana meditation retreat. Reading, searching for the right place I came across many paid opportunities and also free options but courses were organized in a certain dates. I couldn’t find any which would match with my stay in […]

Vipassana Meditation Course in Thailand

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It is completely normal to see head of the animal on the street in Tunisia. It caught my attention since for me it is peculiar. I totally understand that butcher wants to advertise his meat and show everyone that it has been just killed! Fresh meat! Yeah! However, walking next […]

In the queue to die

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I am writing about my favorite place in Morocco – Chefchaouen, also called blue city. Famous for blue-rinsed houses set on one of the hills of Rif Mountains. Town looks like from a fairy-tale – labyrinth of narrow streets and blue buildings. What I loved there was its calmness – […]

Morocco – The Blue City

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If you are looking to see modern, west – European city, Copenhagen will answer your needs. Indeed you will see good quality of life and multi cultural environment. Do not worry about the language, because Danish people speak very good English and are always helpful, if you ask for directions. Everywhere […]

Enjoy Weekend in Copenhagen

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According to the Oslo agreement from 1992 all cities in Palestine are divided into 3 areas. Firstly, area A – just Palestinians, controlled by Palestinian police, secondly, B – for both Palestinians and Israeli controlled by Israeli authorities and lastly, zone C – just for Israeli. With this “solution” citizens have been […]

Israel / Palestine Conflict – Trip to Palestine

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What the hell is wrong here? Do you want to read history of Bulgaria in few seconds? Here it is: Land on Balkan Peninsula was ruled by Thracians, Persians, Romans. Last ones loved their hot springs building their baths everywhere possible. Macedonian, Celtic and finally Slavs, which taken up the mixture […]

What is special about Bulgaria

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What economic crisis made in Greece is very sad. Now also overwhelmed by thousands of immigrants coming from east, which treat it as a gate to Europe. Even though, Greece still carries on, helps immigrants as much as possible, doesn’t get involved in the wars abroad or terrorism. Athens is huge, […]

Stunning heritage of Athens

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Traffic I have to admit crossing the street in Iran is even more insane than in India or any other place I have been. Of course there is no traffic lights, cars going like crazy and there are numerous. On the wide streets it is impossible to find a moment with no […]

Iran – my impression after traveling

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Does place like that exist? Cognac is a small town in the southwest France in Charente province known as a world capital of the unique whisky. The first grape-vines appeared in this region 2000 years ago but just in 17th century (1643) the first cognac was produced. As you can […]

Cognac is all about Cognac

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We didn’t know where we are going and what we should expect. The only thing we knew is that there is something interesting. Taking a taxi in Syria was very easy and super cheap, even when you pay 10 times more because of being a tourists. We just said the […]

Monastery Hidden in Syrian Mountains

Sandomierz 27
  Who knows where the town called Sandomierz is? I think only Google knows. Hidden in the middle of nowhere, was very important in the history of Poland. Based on the bank of the main polish river – Vistula, was on the way of the amber truck coming from Roman or […]

The most lovely town in Poland

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Visas to Iran are easier to get year by year. I got mine in Trabzon (Turkey), which was not a big deal. I went to consulate to apply and after few hours visa was ready. I was hitch-hiking with another polish girl through Georgia and Armenia visiting on the way […]

First day in Iran. The longest day ever.

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Indian wedding depend of the region (state) – like most of the things in this country: food, clothes, language, even taxes. Everywhere, however, is thought as the greatest sacrifice that father can make and for the groom as an obligation to perpetuate his bloodline. It is called “Kanyadana” or “Donating a […]

Incredible Indian wedding – Must See!