Czech Republic is a country of beer! Definitely having strong beer culture, long tradition of beer making, plenty of breweries and variety of beer kinds. Hopefully, you have already read Czech beer essential guide and now, when you know all what you should finally, ready to try it! In the same […]

Where to go for a beer in Prague?

Czech Republic has unique beer culture with no doubt! Traveling around Czechia will make you see different types of beer foam, will make you confused with beer degrees or upset with Czech customer service. That’s all you will get here – experience like no other! Beer nation doesn’t appreciate bottles much. Bottled […]

4 Ways for Czech Beer Foam You Didn’t Know!

Prague is a magic city and most of the people simply fall in love with its charm. I used to live here for one year so trust me, I know where you should go to see best places! I prepared for you tour including highlights of Prague, the most beautiful […]

Top sights in Prague – see best places like a local

Beer (pivo) in Czech Republic is like bread. It is so common to drink it so that even if you drink at work or at lunch break most of the supervisors will have no problem with that. It is not forbidden to drink on the streets as well, apart from […]

6 Facts about Czech Beer You Must Know!