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niebieskiI am writing about my favorite place in Morocco – Chefchaouen, also called blue city. Famous for blue-rinsed houses set on one of the hills of Rif Mountains. Town looks like from a fairy-tale – labyrinth of narrow streets and blue buildings. What I loved there was its calmness – in the old part there is no traffic, just small pedestrian streets leading to the main square.

Why is it blue?

blue cityBlue is a popular color in Morocco. Every old city has medina (market) in blue and white colors. Chefchaouen however, has it is unique style – blue in more vivid and white is less popular. I was said that Jewish refugees in 1930, which came to this area, considered this color to symbolize the sky and heaven. I am not sure if this is the real reason, but truth is that blue walls attract visitors, which love to wander the calm streets and shot some beautiful photos. Besides blue is well-chosen as deterrent flies and mosquitoes, so it is extra useful!

Blue city is famous for other things not just the color. First of all – hashish. Rif Mountains are source of hash for all Morocco and also export. Local hills all over covers this plant. This effect also relaxed citizens – they move in a slow pace – along with the town. It is extremely easy to buy some hash almost on every city morroco

Chefchaouen is also famous for various handicrafts. In addition, some are unique for this region, especially wool and leather products. Very good place to buy souvenirs and gifts, not only because of the quality and difference. Prices are much higher on the south of Morocco, for instance city Morocco

moroccomarokoblue cityIMG_2594 IMG_2666 IMG_2740

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