People of Myanmar – photo gallery 22

Myanmar is a beautiful country but every one will tell you that the best are people there. No matter what you are going to see in this country, still you will remember those cheerful faces more than monuments. Kindness was just overwhelming and unbelievable! From all the countries I have been habitats of Myanmar were the most gorgeous and kind I have ever seen. They were giving away a lot of smiles and help. Even though I was traveling alone for most of the time, I wasn’t feeling by myself at all. More like I have friends everywhere. Hitch-hiking showed the best of it’s face when I got in personal contact with people.

Every traveler will agree that the best memories create not the monuments seen but people met. In Myanmar especially, you will be amazed by the people’s kindness and atitude. It’s not just temples in Bagan and Inle lake to see. There are lots of places and lots of different faces in each one little part of the country, which I will never forget. Adventures and emotions which from those trips I cannot even describe. I left Myanmar with unforgettable memories and heart full of love, the love I received and the positive energy I can spread.

Last moment to see Myanmar people like this

Country used to be under the regime, closed for influence from abroad. It opened some years ago and year by year getting more commercialized. I met a monk over there, very wise person, he said he observes confusion coming with technology, internet, tourism. Confusion which changes those generous and warmhearted people. They start to be like all the rest of the world, listen to same music, wear jeans, they start to put aside heritage of their culture. It is a pity, but because of globalization Myanmar people are changing very quickly and soon this country won’t be the same as now.

I decided to make a special post to share my favorite portraits with Myanmar people. There are 135 official ethnic groups and 8 main nationalities. My gallery shows diversity of population as well as simplicity of life, they work and daily activities. Hope you will enjoy!


burmese children


Offerings walk around Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

ludzie birmy

people of myanmar

myanmar people

Dragon tribe wears black with orange turbans. They believe they are born from the dragon’s egg

dragon woman

Dragon Tribe

ludzie birmy


children myanmar


Padaung woman


peanuts myanmar

Peanuts selection

buddhist monks

Buddhist monks on the longest teak bridge

burmese train

Burmese train

indian woman

burmese woman

myanmar people

Traditional way to remove the skin from peanuts

burmese girl

burmese boy



Traditional gifts against evil

burmese market


Making a basket


Burmese snacks

old lady

Burmese dessert


Sometimes water is to be brought from outside the village


burmese girls


burmese farming

bazar w birmie

myanmar woman

ludzie birmy


Tanaka is a wood which is used to color and protect face

pociag w birmie

Train station seller

burmese train station

Children also have to work in Myanmar

burmese food

burmese woman

Woman with tanaka



Bicycle taxi

burmese woman

burmese girl

beautiful asian girls

Traditional weight

asian girls

Cabbage used as a sun hat

indian girls

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