White Temple like a Snow Queen of Thailand 15

For a reason I called it queen. Tourists consider white temple as the most beautiful in Thailand. In fact, it is not a typical religious object but astonishing piece of art! White color plus glass elements reflecting on the sun make it look like made out of ice or crystal! Complex is located next to Chiang Rai in North part of Thailand. Constructed by famous artist Chalermchai KositpipatWat Rong Khun is an art work still in progress.white temple

Why White Temple is unique?

tajlandiaFirst of all it is unique because of the color. If you have been in Thailand you know that after two weeks of seeing golden temples you feel overwhelmed and start to find all of them the same. White signifies the purity of the Buddha, while the glass symbolizes the Buddha’s wisdom and Buddhist teachings (Dhamma).

Secondly structure of the temple and whole area as well as every detail carries meaning connected to Buddha teaching. Symbolism suppose to encourage visitors to reflect about escape from world desires and focus on the mind instead. For instance huge golden building symbolizes worldly desires. Building surprised me the most because it is a pure gold… toilet!

Third, inside of the main building (ubosot) is completely mind-blowing! Regular Buddhist temple has murals which depicts scenes from life of Buddha. White Temple has walls full of modern representation of good and evil. You will find Spiderman, Batman, Matrix, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter and many other superheroes from movies and comix. On the other hand images of nuclear warfare, terrorist attacks as a destructive impact of human on the earth.

It was definitely the most original temple I have visited in Thailand. Worth to travel up north to see it. Rent a motorbike to come to white temple from Chiang Rai and after go to see waterfalls nearby! Does’t it sound like a plan for an amazing day?

Video from White Temple


Everyone can write a wish on the silver leaf

no smoking

Even signs have unique design


Ubosot from the front

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