East Timor

Sunset Adara village beach beautiful colors sky clouds Timor Leste. 23
No phone signal, no GPS, just a hand-drawn map and me. Hike across Atauro Island to reach Adara village on the other side, was an adventure to remember. Visiting Atauro Island while in Timor Leste is one of the most popular destinations due to a great diving condition and convenient […]

Hike across Atauro Island to Adara village

Beach in Baucau. Timor Leste. 34
Believe me, you will hear about crocodiles in Timor Leste every single day. No wonder, fatality rate because of those deadly creatures is the highest in Timor in compare with any other country which has salt water crocodiles. At the same time, crocodiles are a very important totem for the […]

Crocodiles in Timor Leste – legend vs. reality