I noticed common dilemma among travelers which come to Thailand for short period of time. North vs South Thailand? Over 1600 km is quite a long and time-consuming distance and you don’t want to spend half of your trip in the buses, do you? On the other hand those two parts are totally […]

North vs South Thailand – where to go?

For a reason I called it queen. Tourists consider white temple as the most beautiful in Thailand. In fact, it is not a typical religious object but astonishing piece of art! White color plus glass elements reflecting on the sun make it look like made out of ice or crystal! Complex […]

White Temple like a Snow Queen of Thailand

I came to Thailand second time with a strong will to take a part in Vipassana meditation retreat. Reading, searching for the right place I came across many paid opportunities and also free options but courses were organized in a certain dates. I couldn’t find any which would match with my stay in […]

Vipassana Meditation Course in Thailand