Welcome to my responsible travel blog!

I am Anita from Poland, graphic designer, photographer with a strong passion for travelling and exploring the unknown. When I travel, I like to stay near the nature and hang out with locals. Slow travel is not only letting me discover more of each place but also is more eco-friendly as I produce less carbon footprint.

guitarTraveling to Asia and seeing overpopulated and polluted areas under tons of trash, made me really sensitive for the environmental issues and climate change. I was horrified seeing the wildlife and rainforest nearly gone. Therefore, I appreciate ecotourism and wherever I go, I am trying to find about eco-friendly options. You can see that sustainability and responsible traveling starts to dominate my articles. Step by step, I am puttingh GO GREEN and NO WASTE movements into my life, changing my every day habits.


I am in love with cultures and old traditions which are soon to disapear. My big pleasure is to see old tribal traditions or cultural festivals. I also love to visit street markets as they are so authentic and it’s the best way to try local delicacies. Another thing I really love is enthic music. It’s amazing for me to hear bands still using traditional instruments and playing old sounds in the modern world dominated by pop culture. Especially, I love when the bands play folk music but throw tradition out of the box. Listen to some of the world music, you have never heard before.

Why am I a Bee?

Many people ask me why I named a travel blog Time Travel Bee? There are few reasons. First of all, you should know that it’s extremely hard to find a perfect name for a blog which is not occupied yet. At the same time, I wanted to be more original than Traveling Anita or Anita Travels the world. Traveling is often like time travel as we change the time zones and go through more developed or less developed countries. As I love nature, bee was a great fit, which I could easily adapt to the design I imagined. Moreover, bees are so important for the life on our planet, and currenly experiencing the crisis. We can all help the bees to survive.india

I also make earrings! SLO EARRINGS! Since there is fast-food and slow-food there are also fast, shoddy earrings and SLO earrings which are unique! One of my handmade works are Bee earrings, which I sell supporting the #savethebees project.