Girl in Borneo rainforest, Danum Valley view point in Sabah, Malaysia. 11
Jungle trekking in Danum Valley is the unique thing you can get only in the tropical climate, where the diversity of Borneo’s wildlife stands up close in front of you. The lowlands are one of the world’s most complex ecosystems with lots of endangered species. Several types of birds, insects, huge lizards and monkeys are […]

Wildlife of Borneo – Jungle trekking in Danum Valley

Borneo rainforest preservation in Kinabatangan River. 13
Those who come to Borneo Island to witness wildlife of the rainforest, will surely get what they seek for on Kinabatangan River Cruise. In fact, it’s the most popular destination for wildlife watching in Sabah, Malaysia. Hundreds of monkeys, birds, monitor lizards, snakes and crocodiles – I felt like inside a movie, and sometimes I […]

Kinabatangan River Cruise – incredible yet heartbreaking

Theraphist working at the SPA in Kota Kinabalu with a travel bloger 16
Long-term traveling makes me tired, and sometimes I just need to treat myself and relax. Looking for massage in Kota Kinabalu, I found about Ulu Ulu SPA, and their menu convinced me immediately. In fact, it’s one of the most luxury SPA in Kota Kinabalu, which proudly carries 5 stars SPA title. I haven’t tried […]

Malaysian massage in Kota Kinabalu – Ulu Ulu Spa

Kinabalu National Park. 13
Kinabalu Park is a perfect place for nature lovers. Concluding what to do in Kinabalu Park, I have to admit, it’s not just for the hiking enthusiasts. Even if you are only looking for a place with a stunning view to relax and be close to nature, you will have a great time in Kinabalu […]

What to do in Kinabalu Park without hiking Mount Kinabalu

Girl sleeping on the hammock on Managlum Island. 5
As capital of Sabah is not really a spectacular city. Therefore, most of the visitors look for one day tours from Kota Kinabalu to see the nearest attractions. First of all, there are several balmy islands just a short boat ride from Kota Kinabalu. Perfect beaches and snorkeling conditions as the marine life there is […]

7 one day tours from Kota Kinabalu you should take

Jungle stay in Brunei rainforest. 10
Most of the territory of Brunei Darussalam is a tropical rainforest, and its protection level is one of the best in the world. Responsible tourism in Brunei is trying to preserve virgin rainforest with unique flora and fauna as well as local communities living there. You cannot imagine how big surprise it was for me to […]

Responsible tourism in Brunei – Sumbiling Eco Village

Polish girl in traditional hut from native people in Luzon, Mountain Province. 12
Not many tourists which visit the Philippines, come to the North to see ancient rice terraces in Banaue. Paddy fields in Banaue most likely done by hands carry over 2 000 years tradition of rice cultivating. I could’t skip this place while in the Philippines and I am going to tell you why it is […]

Why is it worth going to the ancient rice terraces in Banaue?

Echo Valley in Sagada. Hanging coffins of Igorot tribe. 5
The hanging coffins of Sagada are in the north part of the country in the Mountain Province. It’s a unique spot to discover one disappearing tradition in the Philippines. Members of the Igorot tribe bury their dead in a coffin, nailed to the sides of cliff faces high above the ground. Igorots live in the mountains […]

Hanging coffins of Sagada – culture trip in the Philippines

Floating restaurant on lobok river. 39
Those who want to discover nature of Bohol will surely love the lush greenery and wildlife of the island. Writing about responsible tourism in Bohol, I focused on wildlife preservation and ethical choices you can take during your vacations. Bohol Island is a perfect place to admire the nature of central Visayas region. Just a […]

Discover Nature of Bohol – responsible tourism in Bohol

Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Nature of Bohol. 9
How to travel around Bohol Island, Philippines cheap? Traveling around Bohol by public transport is easy, you just have to know how to use it. No need to spend extra money on expensive tricycles, private vans or taxis. You can get pretty much to all touristic places in Bohol by jeepneys or buses. As there […]

Traveling around Bohol by public transport

Paliton Beach with colorful boats and palm trees. 2
Siquijor is one of the true paradise islands of the Philippines. Going around Siquijor Island by motorbike is easy and the most convenient way to travel. I stayed for a couple of days there and had a great time hanging out with locals and discovering the natural gems. I have visited 9 islands in the […]

Going around Siquijor Island by motorbike

Vibrant markets in Cebu city to see authentic Philippines. 19
Traveling is not always pretty. Sometimes the reality is not tastefully designed, safe and clean. The street markets in Cebu are dirty, smelly, crowded and noisy. They will irritate your nose, eyes and you might get robbed, but you will get to experience authentic Philippines. And this is where I also find the beauty of […]

Vibrant street markets in Cebu – experience authentic Philippines

Sunset in Palawan, Port Barton beach. 14
Little village with a chill ambient and lots of cool bars – Port Barton in Palawan, Philippines took hearts of lots of travelers away, still having this remote island vibe. It’s possible to visit Port Barton without taking a boat tour, as there are plenty of places you can reach walking. I took the whole […]

Visiting Port Barton without taking a boat tour

Marcilla Beach in Coron Island with typical boats from Philippines. 13
Writing this responsible tourism guide on alternative things to do in Coron Island, Philippines, I focus on activities other than organised tours. The true is that visiting Coron, the most beautiful is the island hopping tour where you can see the Twin Lagoon or Kayangan Lake. However, Coron is not just that, as the Busuanga […]

6 Alternative things to do in Coron Island – responsible tourism guide

The best view point in Coron. Co 15
Island hopping is a main activity for visitors of Coron from which the most popular is one day Coron tour. No wonder why, as the views of the lagoons and snorkeling on the coral reefs are incredible experiences. There are plenty of tour offers available on every corner of this little town. They are all similar […]

One day tour in Coron – Island hopping in paradise

Street cat in Dubai in front of the street art in Dubai Heritage Village 12
It’s a difficult task to write responsible tourism guide to Dubai, as U.A.E. have the biggest ecological footprint in the world. Land of the emirates is a desert and not sustainable place to build huge cities. During summer months the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius and more, which requires a wast amount of the […]

Responsible tourism guide to Dubai – nature & heritage

CHristmas market decorations in Ljubljana. Dry flowers on the local market in Ljubljana. 12
Spending a weekend in Ljubljana, you will notice how lovely, little and cute is the capital of Slovenia. Writing responsible tourism guide to Ljubljana is easy as the city takes a good care about the environment. Lots of steps towards sustainability were taken when Ljubljana was receiving an award for the greenest capital of Europe […]

Responsible tourism guide to Ljubljana

Visiting Hungary and wondering where to go after Budapest? There are many worth visiting places in this country, from cities to wineries and lakes. I invite you for a journey around highlights of Hungary. As I am from Poland, I visited Hungary several times as it was on my way while hitch-hiking south. After admiring […]

Where to go after Budapest? 5 Highligts of Hungary

museum szeged hungary, what to see in hungary 16
Lovely architecture plus chill vibe in the evenings, made my stay in Szeged very enjoyable. My first time on the south of Hungary was a blast. I am sharing now a little guide on the best things to do in Szeged as well as 3 things you need to know before coming to Szeged. 3 […]

Things to do in Szeged, South Hungary

alternative music in Algeria, gnawa, gnawa diffusion 15
Have you ever heard any alternative music from Algeria? Country’s popular music is called Rai and I am sure you heard a song Aisha, which was popular back in 90′? Besides, Algerian music has lots of African as well as Arabic influences. Now you can imagine, that alternative music in Algeria is a fascinating blend. […]

Alternative music in Algeria

Thinking of buying cognac and wandering at the shop: “which cognac should I buy?” This article will help you find the best cognac for yourself. You will learn about the distillation process, the aging classifications, the major brands, and what to look for on the label. Why am I talking about Cognac shopping? First of all, […]

Which cognac should I buy? Essential cognac guide

bee extinction, planing flowers, save the bees 13
Saving the bees is a big job – but taking action is easy and absolutely everyone can make a difference! There are many things you can do to help to save the bees and I will mention few of them farther on. Before I talk about solutions, however, let’s learn more about the bees importance […]

Take an action and save the bees! Few ideas for everyone!

girl throwing leaves autumn green courtyard city of bucharest 19
One day in the capital of Romania is enough to discover all what is Bucharest famous for. This post-communist city holds a lot of stylish buildings where influence of French and Byzantine architecture, makes it a fascinating blend to see. If you are wandering what to visit in Bucharest in one day I will point […]

What is Bucharest famous for? One day in the capital of Romania

castle dracula bram stoker red roof medieval castle courtyard, autumn forest 19
Who haven’t heard about the vampire Dracula? He is definitely the most famous character from Romania, so is the Dracula Castle in Bran the most touristic spot in the country. However, did you know that the castle is known as Dracula Castle only because of the book of Bram Stoker and the historical Vlad Dracula […]

The truth about the Dracula Castle in Bran, Romania

safety in algeria, all you need to know before traveling in algeria, girls traveling in algeria 22
Algeria is a fascinating country. Such a long history and precious heritage of the North of Algeria, left by Roman Empire, Ottomans, Spaniards or French. Moreover, the natural beauty of the queen of the deserts – Sahara. If you are wandering what to see in Algeria, I will try to inspire you with the photos […]

What to see in Algeria? Highlights of the North of Algeria

ancient town in algeria 21
Ancient ruins in Timgad, Algeria is one of the most beautiful Roman sites in existence. Established on a perfect square grid, it’s a prime example of Roman town planning. No wonder why the ruins in Timgad gained the title of the Pompeii of Africa. I love to visit ancient towns, and Timgad was definitely the highlight of […]

Walking around ancient ruins in Timgad – my trip to Algeria

sunflower bread, flatbread algerian, kesra 15
Algerian bread – Kersa is a delicacy I fell in love with, even though I am not so much into bread. This recipe is very simple but yet will make you travel! Traveling in the North African countries you realize, that the bread there is holy. The consumption of wheat is enormous. This include not […]

Kesra – Algerian bread recipe – my travel delicacies

cat sleeping on the street in algieria, algeirs, beautiful cat 36
Talking about safety in Algeria, I have to admit that the knowledge about this country abroad is very little, often outdated. If you Google safety in Algeria, you may find only information about terrorism, kidnaping, discrimination of women and overall, that better not to go there. In this article I will try to clarify which aspects […]

Safety in Algeria – all you need to know before going to Algeria part 2

traveling in algeria by camel girl in front of the tomb in tipaza 38
Traveling to Algeria is possible without a tour agency and isn’t very difficult. If you just go through this survival guide, I will tell you all you need to know before going to Algeria. You will see that you can travel in Algeria by yourself, and you don’t need to spend extra money for organised […]

All you need to know before traveling to Algeria – Survival Guide part 1

roman ancient theater tipaza algeria girl in ancient ruin of algeria 19
Ancient ruins in Tipaza on Algerian Mediterranean coast give witness to past glories of the Roman Empire. One day trip from Algiers to Tipaza will make you discover a history of “the city of Gods“, as called by the philosopher Albert Camus.  One day trip from Algiers to Tipaza The hotels will try to sell you […]

Roman Ruins in Algeria – One day trip from Algiers to Tipaza

sidi boumedine mosque tlemcen, girl in the sraft, suglases, girl scarf on the head 13
Tlemcen is one of the most historically important cities in Algeria. Tlemcen itinerary might seem a bit like walking down the streets in Andalusia, Spain as the architecture is very similar. Heritage of the period when it was one of the most significant points on the caravan way from Sahara to Europe, is simply beautiful. […]

Why you shouldn’t skip Tlemcen while in Algeria?

algerian mosaic floor colorful 24
Oran is such a beautiful city, but hey! There are also many spots worth checking around Oran! You will discover history, stunning beaches and incredible nature. If you missed my article, I already talked about what to see in Oran. Now it’s time for destinations around Oran! Destinations around Oran you must see Where are we heading? […]

5 destinations around Oran you must see!

No wonder why Oran is one of the most touristic spots in Algeria. If you just look at the history, you will be impressed how many nations left the mark here. Starting from Roman Empire, after Spaniards, Ottomans and at last French. Oran is very close to Morocco, and you will clearly discover influence from west […]

What to see in Oran? Itinerary + map of Oran

colorful graffiti maison ali la pointe algiers kasbah 19
Capital of Algeria is a must-see while visiting the country. With this 2 days itinerary you will see all the highlights of Algiers, discover historical sights as well as beautiful view points. Algiers is a huge city, however two days are enough to cover the most important attractions and places of interest. 2 days itinerary […]

2 days itinerary in Algiers – see all the highlights

dar mahiut kasbah algiers 27
The Kasbah of Algiers is an outstanding piece of history. As people living in Kasbah say: “It’s impossible to enter the house without story.” The heart of the city forms the citadel and traditional quarter clustered around. Old quarter is like a labyrinth of lanes and densely packed white-washed houses that are very picturesque. This hill inhabited Phoenicians since […]

Kasbah of Algiers without guide! Map + itinerary

No phone signal, no GPS, just a hand-drawn map and me. Hike across Atauro Island to reach Adara village on the other side was an adventure to remember. Visiting Atauro Island while in Timor Leste is one of the most popular destinations due to a great diving condition and convenient transportation. Atauro Island – the […]

Hike across Atauro Island to Adara village

North coast of Timor Leste was my goal while visiting this mysterious country. I went all the way from the west starting in Maubara until Jaco Island including Atauro Island, for which I dedicated a separate article. North coast of Timor Leste will be an interesting destination for those who like snorkeling or diving as […]

Discovering North Coast of Timor Leste – Travel guide

crocodiles issue in timor 29
Believe me, you will hear about crocodiles in Timor Leste every single day. No wonder, fatality rate because of those deadly creatures is the highest in Timor in compare with any other country which has salt water crocodiles. At the same time, crocodiles are a very important totem for the culture of Timorese. You may […]

Crocodiles in Timor Leste – legend vs. reality

Bali 1
Have you ever heard any Indonesian alternative music? You’d think that Indonesian music was limited to dangdut and melodramatic pop rock, when their music is quite diverse. For 3 moths I was discovering beautiful country of Indonesia along with music and food, which was changing from the island to another. As I love to collect new […]

Indonesian alternative music – my music journey

Looking for the best beaches and breathtaking views in the South of Lombok? You are in the right place. Lombok Island is known for Rinjani trekking. After trekking I really wanted to just get lazy on the beach, that’s why I went to the south of the island which is perfect destination for the surfers […]

5 best spots on the South of Lombok

Lombok Island is popular destination for surfers and beach lovers but now only! Mount Rinjani Trekking is definitely the highlight worth considering. Of course, only for those who like to hike because this one is quite demanding. I will share my experience with you and tell you about the options for trekking Rinjani. Mount Rinjani […]

Mount Rinjani Trekking – My experience

girl getting tan in Gili Trawangan, polish girl on the beach, yellow hat 8
Gili Islands are three little islands close to Lombok in Indonesia. Thinking which Gili Island to choose you must like beach life or water activities. But who doesn’t like little paradise islands? They are “same same but different” and I will describe each of them to help you choosing the one for you. If you […]

Which Gili Island should I choose?

We can change the world by doing small steps, and collectively it will achieve huge goals. In this article I will show you few websites which make a difference. It turns out that by very little effort we can do really big changes. These are NOT money donation sites. These are inspirations to show you […]

9 Websites Which Make a Difference

rice field Indonesia 12
I have to admit Jatiluwih Rice Terraces were, for me, the best place to visit in Bali, Indonesia. While coming there I was wandering how the rice field can be the UNESCO heritage site? Reaching the spot left me with no doubts! These paddy fields are absolutely gorgeous and super old. If you love fairy-tale views […]

How to get to Jatiluwih Rice Terraces and pay less?

hinduism 43
Beyond doubt, Balinese culture is unique! Justifiably known as “The Island of the Gods” is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Ever since I first came to the island, I’ve been fascinated by its people, colours, culture, rituals and all the things that were so different to me. It was intriguing and beautiful. I […]

Incredible Facts about Balinese Culture

vegetarian food in indonesia 31
Finding vegetarian food in Indonesia can be hard at the beginning but I will show you few tasty options. Once you know some useful words and names you will manage to find what you want. Different people have different opinions about Indonesian food. Unfortunately, for me Indonesia is one country in the end of the […]

Vegetarian food in Indonesia + handy dictionary

go green 21
GO GREEN is to become more eco-friendly through everyday choices. When it comes to saving the environment, every bit helps. Our daily decisions matter in terms of carbon emission, waste and many other aspects. Every step farther makes us more ethical consumers and more responsible users with impact on more sustainable environment. To go green […]

Go Green with Your Everyday Choices

warni warna 7
Don’t take me wrong. Bromo off the beaten path doesn’t mean how to get to the volcano by some sneaky ways, even though there are some of this sort. I would like to talk about places in the area of the Mount Bromo which are in my opinion worth spending few more days here. Most […]

Area of Bromo off the beaten path

jak dojechac do bromo 13
I would say Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour is the most famous activity among visitors of Indonesia. This picturesque view at the volcanic landscape looks like out of this world when the sunlight hits the crater and fogs are rising up. No wonder why Mount Bromo is insanely crowded and touristic, it’s the most iconic attraction […]

Bromo Sunrise Tour – Indonesian Highlight

indonesia 18
Staying in eco farms, as Kaliandra Sejati, helps building the sustainable environment. I was amazed about their ideology and approach. Kaliandra proudly carries Eco Farm and Eco Resort with wellness center but it’s not everything that they have to offer, but let me get into details… Few words about Kaliandra First of all it’s important […]

Kaliandra – Stay in Eco Farm and Eco Resort in Indonesia

water castle yogyakarta 47
Honestly, things to do in Yogyakarta seemed neverending for me. I simply couldn’t leave this Indonesian city. I would claim that it’s the most interesting place in Java, Indonesia. Why? City and the area has a lot of interesting spots to offer. From heritage of the Sultans in the city itself, through the biggest Buddhist […]

10 Unique Things to do In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Borobodur sunrise tour 17
Borobodur – the biggest Buddhist temple in the world is Yogyakarta’s must-see. During the Borobodur sunrise tour I saw how light dances between the stupas and admired incredible view at this piece of art. Why is it unique? This one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world is also part of the UNESCO heritage list. […]

Borobodur Sunrise Tour – How it really was?

Lots of worries accompanied me that evening. Hiking Merapi Volcano at night? I was freaking out when I didn’t know where these men were taking me. Moreover, it was first time for me to do a night trekking, especially as a solo female traveler. At last, out of 150 volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Merapi is […]

Hiking Merapi Volcano For Sunrise

Sometimes you come across the facts which are so powerful so they work like a trigger for changes. Environment protection lays in our hands. We tend to trust the numbers, so let’s see what number say. These are few killer facts to make you realise what is the situation around the world. “If you want […]

Why should I Care about Environment Protection?

tea lover 65
Tea not only tastes good, it also looks good. Pictures speak for itself and in this case, I don’t need to try to convince you to visit Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and see it with your own eyes. You will fall in love with its greenery!People were telling me that 2 days are completely enough […]

Cameron Highlands – To Do-s and To Skip-s

People love to come to Penang. Why is it special? Its chill atmosphere of a colonial idyll mixed with modern life of second biggest metropolis in Malaysia. Penang is also mixture of cultures. The island has 3 main rases: Indian, Malay and Chinese, which live together in peace. Contrast of traditions and religions creates extraordinary […]

10 Best Things to Do in Penang

tea house 32
Mixture of cultures in Penang makes it very diverse in many aspects. For instance, it has become a sort of brand in Malaysia’s culinary field. I discovered there are a lot of tea houses in Penang, and they are so different from each other. One by one I was getting tea-high by various tea experiences from […]

Explore variety of Tea Houses in Penang

Travel choices make a difference! Our impact on the Earth does matter and I believe, that reading this article you care about future of the sustainable environment. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, to get lost in nature or visit a big city, my simple tips for traveling green will help you […]

10 Tips for Traveling Green

langkawi 47
Langkawi beaches is a perfect winter escape to rest under the palm trees. Ideal weather for most of the year brings tourists to enjoy the sun and sea. The island is on the North part of peninsular Malaysia, very close to the border with Thailand. It makes it easily accessible by travelers in this area. […]

6 Langkawi Beaches you Should Visit

thaipusam 39
Explosion of colors, spicy piercing and mental dances on the streets – it was insane! Thaipusam is a Hindu festival, definitely the weirdest festival I have ever seen. What is Thaipusam? The Festival is celebrated during the full moon of the 10th month in the Hindu calendar. It is mainly observed in countries where there is a significant presence of Tamil community such as southern […]

Thaipusam – the weirdest festival I have ever seen!

Finding cheap accommodation is essential, since sleeping is one of the major expenses while we travel. Because you have to stay somewhere every night, reducing this expense can save you a lot of money off the total cost of your trip. Next to finding a cheap flight, finding free or cheap accommodation and cheap transportation will have […]

How to find Cheap Accommodation

Planning to visit Sumatra? This green island crossing the equator is famous for incredible wildlife, which will surely amaze you. I created the video from my month-long trip, recommending the highlights and my favorite spots. The article below is a summary of what to see in Sumatra and supplement at the same time. Hope you’ll enjoy […]

What to See in Sumatra, Indonesia

What is eco-friendly traveling, anyway? I am sure you crossed through this topic already since green traveling is getting more and more popular. Green travel or sustainable travel is all about creating positive effect on the environment, while you travel. You can’t help leaving a charcoal smudge in your wake, no matter what. I am trying […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Eco-friendly Traveling

Hitchhiking is my favorite mean of transport, I tried it already in 28 countries. I use it whenever possible and met incredible human beings thanks to that. For me it’s a great way to discover the country in an adventorous way, more interesting than sitting in a boring bus. With hitchhiking you go out off […]

Hitchhiking – Essential Guide for Beginners

Lake Toba is one of the biggest volcanic lakes in the world. Will amaze you with fairly tale views, relaxing guest houses and magic mushrooms. Why this place is unique? Around 70 000 years ago, Toba supervolcano explosion covered the Earth with smoke and poisoning gases which killed most of the animals species. The Toba catastrophe […]

Lake Toba – Overview on What to See and Do

Have you heard of Couch Surfing but never had the chance to try it? Are you curious to discover the world with locals? I couch surfed already in 39 countries, and staying with locals has been the best part of my trip! Sharing time, culture, meals, seeing their real life from inside – I would […]

Couch Surfing – how to start adventure with locals

How island with few poor villages became one of the most modern states in the world? Mixture of nations, cuisines and languages will shock you. What if you have just one day in Singapore? Singapore is famous transfer airport, so that travelers often stay there for a short period of time. Listing the most important […]

One day in Singapore? See all the highlights!

Those, who dream about jungle experience and watching orangutans should come to Sumatra, Indonesia. Bukit Lawang means “door of the hill” and it’s a small village in North-West Sumatra, on the entrance to Gunung Leuser National Park. This park is one of the richest in South East Asia and since 2004 it is on the UNESCO heritage […]

Jungle Experience with Orangutans in Bukit Lawang

Believe or not, I went for almost half a year trip to Asia with 4 kg and I could stay much longer with the quantity I had. The truth is, that you pack the same if you go for a few days or a few months trip. Many people asked me, how to pack light, and […]

How to pack light for the trip? Take only 4kg!

What if you don’t understand the lyrics because they are in abstract, non-existent language? Since music is filled with energy and joy, does it really matter? This is what characterizes polish band Dikanda. Group is super vivid, drawing inspiration from music of many parts of the world and texts are often in their own language – […]

World music in abstract language – Dikanda

Between Europe and North America, cutting the Arctic Circle stands this incredible country – Iceland. Contrasting forces of ice and fire exist side by side. Some 11% of the country’s surface is covered with glaciers and about 30% are lava fields. On average, a volcano erupts every five years, but fortunately only rarely where anyone lives. During two […]

20 Weird Facts About Iceland That Will Amaze You!

I would like to draw your attention to one instrumental band, which has fascinated me for a long time. Thanks to their original music, band is appreciated not only in Poland, where it is from, but also in many countries of the world. Kroke – a band from Krakow, which was initially associated with Klezmer music. Yes! […]

Musical travel around the world with Kroke

Tunisian alternative music started to emerge in the late 90′, during the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Excluded, because government considered it as “politically incorrect” and intrusive. Far from the beaten tracks of mainstream music broadcasts on radio, the Tunisian music has developed alternative scene coming from a denouncing and anti-conformist underground. Conservative and religious […]

Politically Incorrect – Tunisian Alternative Music

I noticed a common dilemma among travelers which have short time in Thailand. North vs South Thailand? This is the question. Over 1600 km is quite long and time-consuming distance, and you don’t want to spend half of your trip in the buses, do you? On the other hand, those two parts are totally different […]

Short time in Thailand? – North vs South Thailand

Going for a beer in Prague is a difficult choice to make for newcomes. Therefore, I prepared a breweries guide, pointing the best beers in Prague. Czech Republic is a country of beer and visiting Prague, and not trying any beer is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Definitely having strong beer […]

Where to go for a beer in Prague? My favorite Breweries Guide

beer foam czech beer guide, dark czech beer, dark beer in the glass 44
Czech Republic has unique beer culture with no doubt! Traveling around Czechia will make you see different types of beer foam, will make you confused with Czech beer degrees or upset with Czech rude customer service. That’s what you will get in Czechia – experience like no other! Beer nation doesn’t appreciate bottles much. Bottled beer you […]

4 Ways for Czech Beer Foam You Didn’t Know!

Równina Amfor 37
The mysterious plain of jars spreading over the territory of northern Laos, near Phonsavan. I am so glad I went to this place since it is not on the bucket list for most of the backpackers crossing by. There are few mysterious thories about this place. Archaeologists agree that it is a remnant of culture inhabiting the […]

Phonsavan – mysterious Plain of Jars theories

Happy cemetery in Sapanca (Romania) has the title of the strangest monument on the UNESCO heritage list as well as the most amazing cemetery in the world! Cimitirul Vesel (name of the cemetery in Romanian) is the work of Stan Ioan Patras, who was a local artist. Talented sculptor, poet, painter which created the first cross for the […]

The only Happy cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) in Romania

The ruins impressed me so much so that it is hard for me to imagine what a castle was like in the medieval age! On a lofty hill above the town and the famous Spit Chapter, at an altitude of 634 m. Rises a mighty medieval fortress. It is Spiš Castle (Slovak: Spišský hrad) – […]

Slovakia for a weekend – Spiš Castle (Spišský hrad)

Imagine entering 200 km long wine cellar Milestii Mici with your own car and Moldavian sexy guide sitting just next to you, telling the story of the winery. You feel like inside of a labirynth of underground wine streets. Sounds great already? Fast your seat belt, the adventure in Milestii Mici has just begun! Along the limestone walls you see […]

The Biggest Wine Cellar in the World – Milestii Mici

Three young vocalists took over my heart which is beating stronger with folk, ethnic music. The unusual sounds of typical folk songs from Poland or Lithuania as well as their own folk-inspired songs make Sutari unique and worth discovering. Besides, beautiful voices, Slavic beauty, creative theatrical experiments, all this merges into one inspiring image. How do […]

Sutari – folk songs in an original arrangement

In this beautiful area surrounded by forest covered mountains and waterfalls I invite you to coffee plantation in southern Vietnam close to the city of Dalat. I have to admit that I am more of a tea lover but I like to drink good coffee from time to time, especially when it is something new to […]

Coffee made out of shit seen as best in the world

“Imagine that punk rock did not originate in the British Isles in the seventies, but in interwar Poland, as an expression of rebellion against the authoritarian rule of Sanation.” This is how members of Hańba! (disgrace) describe themselves. The Rebellious Street Band In 1931 a rebellious street orchestra was formed in Cracow. Group of 4 musicians who decided to use […]

Hańba! – The Rebellious Street Band

Bieszczady Mountains are my favorite in Poland! They hide this wild ambiance to feel out of the planet. Perfect place to forget about concerns, worries or job and find inner peace. Just you and nature. If you plan to visit Poland I hardly recommend putting it on your bucket list. Stunning views and solitary paths will […]

Places you must see in Bieszczady Mountains

Dakh means “give” in old Ukrainian language. It’s also name of a center of contemporary art in the city of Kiev which gave beginning those two amazing formations I am going to mention! My attention brought the name actually “dakh” which was included in names of two music groups I really appreciate. I looked it up and […]

Ethno chaos and freak cabaret – gifts form Dakh

Poland is my homeland, where I spent most of my life. Always love to come back and explore off the beaten path places in Poland. I want to share with you some fascinating destination, which you may not find in a tourist guide. Off the beaten path in Poland Poland is a big country with […]

Off the beaten path in Poland

I present you effect of my cooking lesson in Thailand. Nuch and her father tough me how to prepare Tom Kha Gai (ต้มข่าไก่). It is one of the most popular Thai dishes, easy and quick to make.  Special ingredients you can manage to find in most of the Asian supermarkets around the globe or order […]

Tom Kha Gai – Thai coconut soup

For a reason I called it queen. Tourists consider white temple as the most beautiful in Thailand. In fact, it is not a typical religious object but astonishing piece of art! White color plus glass elements reflecting on the sun make it look like made out of ice or crystal! Complex is located next to Chiang […]

White Temple like a Snow Queen of Thailand

I came to Thailand with a strong will to take a part in Vipassana meditation course. For each of us there comes a moment when we are looking for peace or change. This is what I needed after the accident, personal problems and when basically everything started to fall apart. Besides, my fascination with meditation, […]

Vipassana Meditation Course in Thailand – Wat Pa Tam Wua

I am writing about my favorite place in Morocco’s Blue City Chefchaouen. Famous for blue-rinsed houses set on one of the hills of the Rif Mountains. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque towns I have ever seen. If you just scroll through social media, you will see plenty of photos from Chefchaouen. Town looks […]

The truth about the Morocco’s Blue City Chefchaouen

bulgaria 35
What the hell is wrong here? Do you want to read history of Bulgaria in few seconds? Here it is: Land on Balkan Peninsula was ruled by Thracians, Persians, Romans. Last ones loved their hot springs building their baths everywhere possible. Macedonian, Celtic and finally Slavs, which taken up the mixture of ancient people. Meanwhile, Bulgars […]

Facts about Bulgaria you didn’t expect!

ateny port 38
What economic crisis made in Greece is very sad. Now also overwhelmed by thousands of immigrants coming from east, which treat it as a gate to Europe. Even though, Greece still carries on, helps immigrants as much as possible, doesn’t get involved in the wars abroad or terrorism. Athens is huge, dirty and messy but has […]

Why you shouldn’t skip Athens while in Greece?

Traffic I have to admit crossing the street in Iran is even more insane than in India or any other place I have been. Of course there is no traffic lights, cars going like crazy and there are numerous. On the wide streets it is impossible to find a moment with no car coming. So the only […]

Iran – my impression after traveling

Beer (pivo) in Czech Republic is like bread. From facts about Czech beer, it surprised me that even if you drink at work or at lunch break most of the supervisors will have no problem with that. You can drink on the streets, parks and it’s basically all about beer! Not to mention, that beer is […]

6 Facts about Czech Beer You Must Know!

Czechs are literally crazy about beer! Thanks to this czech beer guide you will learn the essentials and all you need to know before getting drunk in Czechia. I spent the whole year living in the magical city of Prague, tasting beers from local breweries. Now, would love to share my knowledge and advices. Czech […]

Czech Beer Essential Guide – all you need to know before getting drunk

cognac 22
Cognac is a small town in the southwest France in Charente province well-known as a world capital of the unique brandy. The first grape-vines appeared in this region 2000 years ago but just in 17th century (1643) locals produced the first brandy. As you can imagine, all in the town is about cognac. What is Cognac? […]

What is Cognac? Did you know that place?

bike 61
Bus or train – boring and expensive. Why not trying something else? Which solutions are cheaper and worth to consider?  All in one about cheap transport. Read this list and save money on your next trip! 11 tips for cheap transport   Hitch-hike First of all my friends, I will hardly recommend hitch-hiking as my favorite way […]

11 Tips on How to Save Money on Transport?

lot 27
Every traveler dreams about error fare, when you can fly for few cents to exotic destination. That is not a dream, that can happen. Just type in your search engine “error fare” and you will see the results. There is no one recipe though, which will guarantee the best price. Of course, it is worth […]

Guide: How to Find Cheap Flights

Sleeping for free is possible, not necessarily giving up the comfort. I prepared the full list of ways how you can sleep totally free! How to sleep for free when you travel?   Couch Surfing In my opinion Couch Surfing is the best way to meet locals, deeply explore the culture and share. Admittedly, it is […]

15 Tips to Sleep for Free When You Travel

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Traveling cheap is possible! I am really tired of people saying: Oh I wish to travel like you but I don’t have money! I answer that I also don’t have money, but I travel. Some prefer spend for new iPhone, some for unforgettable trip. Some must stay in the hotel all-inclusive, some just need a […]

15 Tips for Traveling Cheap

Communism, protests and martial law – those terms describe 80′ in Poland. People were feeling frustrated and helpless by the political regime. In consequence music stage in Poland experienced the big BOOM. Shout of rebellion was getting louder and louder and protest bands rose up! No freedom of speech Censure was controlling all the lyrics but artists were tricky […]

Protest Bands in Poland – Yell for freedom

Where are we? We didn’t know where we are going and what we should expect. The only thing we knew is that there is something interesting. Taking a taxi in Syria was very easy and super cheap, even when you pay 10 times more because of being a tourist. We just said the name and […]

Mar Musa – Monastery Hidden in Syrian Mountains

Pochyły rynek w Sandomierzu, kolorowe kamienice, zabytkowe domy. 49
Sandomierz is surely the most lovely town in Poland, not only because it’s were I was born. Wondering what to see in Sandomierz, you must be crazy as not many tourists go there and it’s one of the off the beaten path in Poland destinations. What is Sandomierz famous for? Even though it looks like […]

Sandomierz – the most lovely town in Poland

Why polish dumplings are magic? Because there is just one dough, which is universal for all kinds, either you make them in a sweet or salty way. What you have to know is that, no matter sweet or salty, all are delicious! It is exactly the same like you can eat pasta in many variations. […]

Magic polish dumplings (pierogi)

The most popular food which everyone in Bulgaria knows and loves is Lyutenitza (лютеница). This national relish is made out of tomatoes, onion, red peppers as main ingredients. Bulgarians use this paste as a bread spread or treat it as a sauce for pasta/spaghetti. You can buy it in the restaurants as an aperitif to try […]

This simple paste is Bulgarian Superfood!

I have to admit Icelandic music is my favorite. The country has only 300 000 people and I know more good bands from there than from any other country. For me Icelandic artists have unique sensitivity for music which I really admire. I went there to check how it is possible, what is the reason for […]

Why Icelandic Music has this Unique Sensitivity?

Well well well… Are you ready for Islamic melody with squeaking voices? Naaah this is absolutely not what I am going to propose, when taking into consideration music from Turkey. I would like to present modern music, which is more pleasant for ear, than traditional instruments (which doesn’t mean I am going to play Tarkan). Please note, […]

The legend of Turkish Rock

Visas to Iran are easier to get year by year. Mine I got in Trabzon (Turkey), which was not a big deal. I went to consulate to apply and after few hours visa was ready. I was hitch-hiking with another polish girl through Georgia and Armenia visiting on the way to finally reach Iran (border between […]

How I Barely Survived First day in Iran

wedding in india, colors, bolyywood, patterns, sari, rice rituals wedding rituals, bride and groom 19
A Wedding in India is an event that resembles a fairy tale. Something so expressive that it falls into memory forever. After all, it’s the biggest celebration in the life of every Indian. It’s a massive, full of colors, glitter and food! I am sure you know how Bollywood movies look like, right? A Wedding […]

What to expect when going for an Indian wedding?