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How island with few poor villages became one of the most modern states in the world? Mixture of nations, cuisines and languages will shock you. What if you have just one day in Singapore?

Singapore is famous transfer airport, so that travelers often stay there for a short period of time. Listing the most important spots I can admit, that having one day in Singapore is enough to cover the highlights. Two days are perfect to take it easy and three let you explore farther areas like forest or beach.

What to see having one day in Singapore?

  1. City hall

Mosque in Singapore with golden roof in the touristic district.

Sultan Mosque in Muslim District

Talking about the center, it’s a mixture between history and modern skyscrapers. Singapore was just a poor island but Sir Ruffels came there and thought that it can be a great trading spot, connecting west and east. He negotiated a treaty whereby Johor (sultan) allowed the British to found a trading port on the island. Now center of international trade brings a lot of businessmen into this vivid metropolis.

  1. Marina Bay

The most known spot is promenade with a lion statue. In fact, Singapore means the city of lions. On one side skyscrapers and on the other symbol of the city – Marina Bay Sands. It looks like a boat to me, but locals told me that the architect imagined it’s a bridge. No matter how far goes your imagination, be sure to get inside and see splendor it offers. There is a huge shopping mall, casino and hotel with the restaurant, palm trees and infinity pool on the top platform.

  1. Gardens by the Bay

Just behind you will find spectacular modern garden. Specially, beautiful during the night, with the light show.

  1. Muslim, Indian and Chinese districts

Spoil your tongue according to your preferences. See variety of cultures in Singapore, different pace than in the city center. Those districts are the best places to eat! Singapore is very expensive, but no worries to find something yummy for less than 10$ and discover cuisine of Asia.

  1. Nature of Singapore

If you are more fan of nature or have more time in Singapore to discover farther parts, you can admire its botanical gardens. There are plenty of parks, forest and beach, where you can run away from a hassle and bustle of the city.

Parks in Singapore. Lake and always green trees.

Botanical Garden

Singapore is well developed and public transportation works very well. You can also rent city bikes as it’s super easy with an app. There are few companies and for me that was the best way to discover the city and for instance check the best instagram spots. If you have some favorite spots, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

Singapore by night looks incredible with all the lights and laser show. Scroll down for night photography gallery.

Hotel Marina Bay near Gardens by the bay.

Singapore by night, the most beautiful places.

Laser show in Singapore with skyscrappers in the background.

Gardens in Singapore center.

Lights show Singapore. How to visit Singapore in one day?

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