Bieszczady Mountains are my favorite in Poland! They hide this wild ambiance to feel out of the planet. Perfect place to forget about concerns, worries or job and find inner peace. Just you and nature. If you plan to visit Poland I hardly recommend putting it on your bucket list. Stunning […]

Places you must see in Bieszczady Mountains

Whenever I meet foreign tourists coming to Poland they visit big cities such as Warszawa or Kraków. If they have more time they often head to see Wrocław, Poznań or Gdańsk, some go to Zakopane. It is a pity, because Poland is much more than that. If you like parties […]

Off the beaten path in Poland

  Who knows where the town called Sandomierz is? I think only Google knows. Hidden in the middle of nowhere, was very important in the history of Poland. Based on the bank of the main polish river – Vistula, was on the way of the amber truck coming from Roman or […]

Sandomierz – The Most Lovely Town in Poland