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Spices on the street market. Why is it importnat buying locally? 12
Small actions of individuals can make a big difference. Starting with these beautiful words, I want to talk about one of the factors of sustainability – buying locally. In this text, I write about reasons why to buy local in general, with focus on shopping locally while traveling. I will […]

8 Reasons for Shopping Locally while Traveling

Ducks near the lake. Stunning views. 47
Finding cheap accommodation is essential, since sleeping is one of the major expenses while we travel. Because you have to stay somewhere every night, reducing this expense can save you a lot of money off the total cost of your trip. Next to finding a cheap flight, finding free or cheap accommodation […]

How to find Cheap Accommodation

Girl Hitch hiking to Iran on the border. 28
Hitchhiking is my favorite mean of transport, I tried it already in 28 countries. I use it whenever possible and met incredible human beings thanks to that. For me it’s a great way to discover the country in an adventorous way, more interesting than sitting in a boring bus. With […]

Hitchhiking – Essential Guide for Beginners

Hiking in French Alps, Morzine. 36
Have you heard of Couch Surfing but never had the chance to try it? Are you curious to discover the world with locals? I couch surfed already in 39 countries, and staying with locals has been the best part of my trip! Sharing time, culture, meals, seeing their real life […]

Couch Surfing – how to start adventure with locals

Traveling by bicycle is eco-friendly. 58
Bus or train – boring and expensive. Why not trying something else? Which solutions are cheaper and worth to consider?  All in one about cheap transport. Read this list and save money on your next trip! 11 tips for cheap transport Hitch-hike First of all my friends, I will hardly recommend hitch-hiking […]

11 Tips on How to Save Money on Transport?

Flying over the sea. 27
Every traveler dreams about error fare, when you can fly for few cents to exotic destination. That is not a dream, that can happen. Just type in your search engine “error fare” and you will see the results. There is no one recipe though, which will guarantee the best price. […]

Guide: How to Find Cheap Flights

maroko 20
Sleeping for free is possible, not necessarily giving up the comfort. I prepared the full list of ways how you can sleep totally free! How to sleep for free when you travel? Couch Surfing In my opinion Couch Surfing is the best way to meet locals, deeply explore the culture and […]

15 Tips to Sleep for Free When You Travel

turcja 54
Traveling cheap is possible! I am really tired of people saying: Oh I wish to travel like you but I don’t have money! I answer that I also don’t have money, but I travel. Some prefer spend for new iPhone, some for unforgettable trip. Some must stay in the hotel […]

15 Tips for Traveling Cheap