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Bus or train – boring and expensive. Why not trying something else? Which solutions are cheaper and worth to consider?  All in one about cheap transport. Read this list and save money on your next trip!

11 tips for cheap transport

  1. Hitch-hike

First of all my friends, I will hardly recommend hitch-hiking as my favorite way of transport. There is no vehicle which cannot be hitch-hiked, I checked that myself stopping variety of cars, trucks, ATV, horse chaise, sleigh ride, ambulance or butcher with bloody ax. I believe next is a flying carpet, but still on my list is plane, ship and my dream – excavator. Hitch-hiking is free! In most of the world indeed – in some countries it is normal to give a tip after ride or share the cost of the fuel. Apart from no cost it makes you totally free where you go and brings you to meet amazing people, chat with locals and explore the culture deeper. For me it is always exciting adventure, because I never know who I will meet (risky though). Using buses or trains makes me bored and I am more tired when I arrive than before departure. It is relatively safe, but of course you must be careful, especially if you travel by your own. I made over 50 000km and have tons of stories and tips which I am going to share with you on this blog.Girl hitch hiking in Poland.

  1. Car share

Blablacar.com or carpooling.com are sites for share rides. You search for your destination and make an appointment with the driver who will take you there. It is mostly much cheaper than public transport and allows you to know new people. Moreover, it is very comfortable and of course faster. In Europ,e it works very well, in Iran it works without website. If you travel by your own car, don’t forget to register on those sites as a driver and take passengers, which will share the cost of fuel with you. Yay… only profits!

  1. World Transport Information

rome2rio.com is a website which will check for you all Cheap transport in Morocco.types of transport between your starting point and destination. It includes trains, planes, ferries and driving options. As you can see, it saves a lot of time on researching. Site automatically detects where you are and finds the cheapest way to get, where you want using all possible transport options.

  1. Air

Keep in mind that going by plane within the country can turn out to be cheaper and of course faster than traveling by train or bus. When I was in Turkey I booked local airlines and traveled 2 hours instead of 12 and paid not much more than I would for a bus. As flights largely contribute to air pollution consider carbon offseting your flight or travel by land, if possible.

  1. Uber

Uber it is an app which works in big cities of Europe and North America. It allows you to travel by taxi or private car within the city. You just need to click, that you need a ride and taxi will pick you up. Everyone can become an Uber taxi so app is competitive for regular taxi drivers. The reasons for that are, that it is much cheaper and easier in use (you don’t even need cash on you because you pay through the app). As far as I know, it is banned in Portugal and may be in other countries soonas well.

  1. Rent a car/van

If you plan a trip in countryside or visit lots of cities and need privacy, sometimes you may pay less renting a car than using public transport. For group, it is more convenient to take a tent and save lots of money on accommodation as well. Lastly, if you decide to do so parking carefully will protect you from spending all your savings for a fee.

  1. Crew a ship

Popular way to go over sea is to get hired on the ferry or cruise ship. Usually hard work but you get to your destination for free and get food included. Check carnival.com or royalcaribbean.com. If you are more interested in a yacht adventure: crewseekers.net

  1. Mobile apps

Like always mobile apps are essential to assist you during your trip. Google Maps is the best friend to find a local transport if you don’t know how to go and whether use metro or bus or just walk.

  1. Bicycle

Cheap transport? Bicycle is a great friend – ecological, fun, sportive. What else you need? You save lots of money going by bike and get to explore the land better. There are many travelers going crazy from one part of the world to another by bike for many months (congratulations, I really admire) but I prefer small distances…Bicycle on the beach.

  1. Check the passes

Remember to search about public transportation passes for tourists. Sometimes we travel and just don’t know that something like that is available. There are various options for bus, metro or even all the transportation for whole region.

  1. Coupons

Look for promotions on groupon for example for renting cars, accommodation or tours.

As you see planing prior the trip is essential for finding cheap transport options. Invest your time in researches and it will bring you profit. Check also How to find a cheap flight and become an expert!

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