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If you are looking to see modern, west – European city, Copenhagen will answer your needs. Indeed, you will see good quality of life and multi cultural environment. Do not worry about the language, because Danish people speak very good English and are always helpful, if you ask for directions. Everywhere you will see bicycles! Oh, how I loved it! Further, no loud, big traffic road in the city center, because most of the people prefer two wheels vehicles.kopenhaga

Touristic destinations such as palace of the queen, main port canal, parliament, main square are in walking distance from each other. They are all lovely monuments, but anyway you are going to see them, so I prefer to write about alternatives, which you shouldn’t miss as well.

The best place to eat in Copenhagen

kopenhagaThe most important to enjoy is: food and relax! Go to Paper Island! Walking on the shore of the port you will see big sign Papiroen on the other side of the canal. Yeah that is the trick – looks close by water, but by walk it is around 30min. For this reason place is overcrowded by locals, not by tourists.

Amazing adaptation of the old paper factory to create multi cultural space. Inside of the building you will find plenty of small street-food stands which offer food from all over the planet. Amazing! You will be totally lost in willing to try everything! Each of the spots shows specialties on the counter in order to inform, what they serve, hunt clients with the smell and be better than competition. Mmmmm… Paradise!

After choosing your meal you can sit outside (depending of the weather) just enjoying the sunbath and music. Place offers sunbeds, so grab your favorite drink or craft beer from local breweries and spend the most relaxing afternoon of you staying.

Weekend in Copenhagen – The Best place to relax?

If you want to relax even more, come to Christiania. Oh yeah, you have already heard of it?! I am not surprised at all. Christiania is an autonomous neighborhood led by group of hippies. District is famous for the soft drug freedom. Smallstreets full of stands leaded by man in the mask, propose hashish, marijuana or magic cakes. You can get whatever you want, as well as listen to alternative music, watch theater or simply enjoy the euphoria. In addition you can choose the right hostel with a party vibe in Copenhagen.

Coming to Denmark you should choose the season wisely. The weather can be rainy and windy, even on summer, so remember to check the weather forcast before. In any case, prepare for moody weather and have an umbrella.

Planning on visiting European capitals?

Traveling around Europe, there are two capitals which must be on your list: Prague, which my absolute favorite and second one is Budapest. Stunning architecture, romantic riverside and awesome night life guaranteed!




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