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Mixture of cultures in Penang makes it very diverse in many aspects. For instance, it has become a sort of brand in Malaysia’s culinary field. I discovered there are a lot of tea houses in Penang, and they are so different from each other. One by one I was getting tea-high by various tea experiences from local tea shop to sophisticated afternoon set. From top things to do in Penang, tea experience was one of my favorite things to look for and discover. I invite you to spot tea houses in Penang and have your own unique tea experience.

Tea houses in Penang which you should visit

tea house penangI have chosen few tea experiences to show you the wide variety of choices Penang offers. I hope you will find something for yourself and have a lovely time sipping tea and eating delicious pastries.

Komichi Tea House

Can you imagine having Japanese Matcha straight from family farm in Japan? Komichi Tea House is lead by Akame, lovely Japanese girl. This charming tea house is on a narrow street of George Town, (20, Lorong Toh Aka) and is a very little and cozy place.

Not to mention the great quality. In my opinion the best tea in Penang. I got totally high after trying matcha and I continued tasting another types of green teas bringing me to another state of mind. Hojicha, Kabusecha, Gyokuro – those and other delicious types waiting for you. In the end Akame served me Japanese Wagashi – little sweet of the day. Every day Wagashi is something different – all are traditional Japanese sweets. Wagashi and other deserts, mostly Matcha powder themed, empower better tea experience. All sweets are hand made by Akame, every day new and fresh. I went out of the place completely high and spoiled with good quality teas, sweets and super friendly staff.

As for the prices, Matcha costs 11 RM, tea pot of green high quality tea is from 10 – 20 RM per pot. Additional brew is free of charge.

Japanese Tea House Malaysia

Matcha Tea

David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrace

English Tea Time in Penang, Malaysia.

High tea at David’s Brown Restaurant

Typical English high tea in a quintessential British colonial restaurant which is the highest restaurant in Penang? Who’s in? David Brown’s Restaurant is on Strawberry Hill, little hill on Penang hill with the great view on the island from it’s top. Tea set is a huge dose of Mini Pastries, Sandwiches which cannot be easly finished, though taste so amazing so that you may want to try to do so. Before I had this tea experience I had never had a good brownie in any of Asian countries. I already had opinion that it’s just not the culture of chocolate and simply not possible to find the real brownie here. I was wrong. Perfect brownie I got in this set and I couldn’t stop eating the other sweets as well. However, place is famous for freshly made English Scones served with homemade strawberry jam, whipped cream and butter.

As for the teas, selection of Twinings tea bags will be served in a pot suitable for two people. Regular black tea, chinese green tea, Earl Grey and local tea from Cameron highlands plus some herbal and fruit teas. This enormous afternoon tea set costs 108 RM and is designed for two people minimum.

Coming to Penang Hill is an adventure as well. You can either take a jeep or train or climb through the jungle, which I did. 5 km up was tough but worth it. All of those will make you discover unique nature and enjoy stunning views.

Faongg Herbal Tea Shop

In contrast, Faongg Herbal Tea Shop is completely local experience of a Chinese tea house. There are plenty of Chinese Tea Houses in Penang, but this one I loved the most for its location, simplicity, relaxing atmosphere and price. Tea house is right in the center of George Town (68, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling) and where else you can get good tea for 1,5 RM – 3 RM?! Good black and green Chinese teas are served there and ambient reminds me those chill tea houses in Turkey, where old men come to sip tea with friends. Everyone seems to know each other and I truly enjoyed to relax there and kept coming back over and over.

Tea house in george town

Traditional Chinese Tea House.

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room was definitely the most sophisticated tea experience I have ever had. Very elegant tea house in George Town which invites for fancy tea experience. Room is very stylish, and porcelain tea sets just stole my heart. Excellent service surely will advice you which tea to choose, depending of selected pastries. Not to mention the deserts and all sweets made in this tea house, just in front of your eyes. Fresh pastries are the greatest reason to visit this tea house. Again, my opinion about chocolate in Asia has changed, after trying their perfect truffles.

All teas are from Harney & Sons and come in an elegant pot suitable for two people. You can have typical English afternoon tea as well, getting a dose of pastries for two available at 88RM. You will find Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room close to Komtar on Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town.Black tea with truffles.

Tea time? If you love tea as much as me, I bet you are heading to the tea fields in Cameroon Highlands in Malaysia. Highly recommened!

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