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Langkawi beaches is a perfect winter escape to rest under the palm trees. Ideal weather for most of the year brings tourists to enjoy the sun and sea. The island is on the North part of peninsular Malaysia, very close to the border with Thailand. It makes it easily accessible by travelers in this area. My vacations in Langkawi were gorgeous, and I am going to share with you which beaches I recommend the most. Believe me, after seeing those photos you will start packing for your next holiday!Girl on the beach in red dress. Beaches in Langkawi.

6 Langkawi Beaches which will take your breath away

Among all the activities offered for tourists in the island, Langkawi beaches are the main point of interest. I decided to give you some info and pics to choose one according to your expectations.

In Langkawi, you will also get all types of accommodation you wish to find, from Couch Surfing, through camping to hotels and luxury resorts. Island doesn’t have public transportation though, so you must have/rent some wheels or hitch hike. The best way is to rent a motorbike and be independent, but there are also other options like shared rides or bicycles.

Pantai Tanjung Rhu

Going there by motorbike was quite a ride, because it’s far north on the little peninsula. However, it was absolutely worth the way. Little islands around make the scenery gorgeous. You will see few boats, which can take you for a tour around. Among Langkawi’s activities going to see mangrove forest is one of te most popular. What disturbed me, were the wooden sticks on the beach, separating the area of the resort, where you can walk but once you sit, the guard will wave at you to leave. Not so friendly. Besides calm water of the bay, green hills around made really nice conditions to have rest and swim. No beach chairs to rent, so come with your own mat or umbrella. People say, it’s the most beautiful beach on the whole island, so try to go there and see by yourself.The best beaches in Langkawi. Pantai Tanjung Rhu

Pantai Rekreasi Kastam

A bit more south you will find long beach offering water sports and beach chairs to rent for the day. Restaurants are around as well. Beach is quite long, so you will surely find some peaceful place for yourself. Enough space makes it suitable for beach volleyball, frisbee or other sports you may like to play.Pantai Rekreasi Kastam

Black Sand Beach

Beach with spectacular view, nice for pictures with the colorful boats. You will meet a lot of local people there. There are some market stalls before you enter where you can get souvenirs and clothes. It really does have some black sand, but not too much. Ideal spot for picnic.Stunning waters of langkawi. Blue waters and the best beaches.

Skull Beach

Definitely my favorite in Langkawi. Very quiet, with no restaurants, water sports or boats making noise. Just few tourists and lots of monkeys stealing food. Locals like to come here as well. Really peaceful and green place where you can meditate and relax. I found it perfect for camping or picnic or other responsoblie toursm activities. You may try snorkeling, but water is not very transparent and close to the beach I wasn’t lucky to see any fish.Skull beach in Lankawi, the most beautiful and peaceuful. No crowd.

Pentai Cenang

The main touristic beach of Langkawi. The most crowded, with a lot of water sports available. Most of the lodging options are around. I loved evenings there with fire shows on the beach, lots of bars to have a drink (Langkawi is tax paradise so alcohols are really cheap) and general atmosphere “summer holidays” all year long. Worth checking, specially for shopping, Langkawi Night Markets or nightlife.Pentai Cenang. The best beaches in Langkawi.

Pantai Tengah Beach

Just next Pentai Cenang beach, you will find more quite one, however, with water sports options. I enjoyed watching boat paragliding during the sunset.Pentai Cenang beach

If not all, which one would you like to go?

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