Bali 1
Have you ever heard any Indonesian alternative music? You’d think that Indonesian music was limited to dangdut and melodramatic pop rock, when their music is quite diverse. For 3 moths I was discovering beautiful country of Indonesia along with music and food, which was changing from the island to another. As […]

Indonesian alternative music – my music journey

What if you don’t understand the lyrics because they are in abstract, non-existent language? Since music is filled with energy and joy, does it really matter? This is what characterizes polish band Dikanda. Group is super vivid, drawing inspiration from music of many parts of the world and texts are often […]

World music in abstract language – Dikanda

I would like to draw your attention to one instrumental band, which has fascinated me for a long time. Thanks to their original music, band is appreciated not only in Poland, where it is from, but also in many countries of the world. Kroke – a band from Krakow, which was initially […]

Musical travel around the world with Kroke

Tunisian alternative music started to emerge in the late 90′, during the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Excluded, because government considered it as “politically incorrect” and intrusive. Far from the beaten tracks of mainstream music broadcasts on radio, the Tunisian music has developed alternative scene coming from a denouncing and […]

Politically Incorrect – Tunisian Alternative Music

Three young vocalists took over my heart which is beating stronger with folk, ethnic music. The unusual sounds of typical folk songs from Poland or Lithuania as well as their own folk-inspired songs make Sutari unique and worth discovering. Besides, beautiful voices, Slavic beauty, creative theatrical experiments, all this merges into […]

Sutari – folk songs in an original arrangement

“Imagine that punk rock did not originate in the British Isles in the seventies, but in interwar Poland, as an expression of rebellion against the authoritarian rule of Sanation.” This is how members of Hańba! (disgrace) describe themselves. The Rebellious Street Band In 1931 a rebellious street orchestra was formed in Cracow. Group of […]

Hańba! – The Rebellious Street Band

Dakh means “give” in old Ukrainian language. It’s also name of a center of contemporary art in the city of Kiev which gave beginning those two amazing formations I am going to mention! My attention brought the name actually “dakh” which was included in names of two music groups I really appreciate. […]

Ethno chaos and freak cabaret – gifts form Dakh

Communism, protests and martial law – those terms describe 80′ in Poland. People were feeling frustrated and helpless by the political regime. In consequence music stage in Poland experienced the big BOOM. Shout of rebellion was getting louder and louder and protest bands rose up! No freedom of speech Censure was controlling all the […]

Protest Bands in Poland – Yell for freedom

I have to admit Icelandic music is my favorite. The country has only 300 000 people and I know more good bands from there than from any other country. For me Icelandic artists have unique sensitivity for music which I really admire. I went there to check how it is possible, […]

Why Icelandic Music has this Unique Sensitivity?

Well well well… Are you ready for Islamic melody with squeaking voices? Naaah this is absolutely not what I am going to propose, when taking into consideration music from Turkey. I would like to present modern music, which is more pleasant for ear, than traditional instruments (which doesn’t mean I am going […]

The legend of Turkish Rock