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Do you want to read history of Bulgaria in few seconds? Here it is: Land on Balkan Peninsula was ruled by Thracians, Persians, Romans. Last ones loved their hot springs building their baths everywhere possible. Macedonian, Celtic and finally Slavs, which taken up the mixture of ancient people. Meanwhile, Bulgars tribe (not Bulgarians which refers to contemporary citizents) came from Central Asia and settled next to the Black Sea. They formed country which spread over the Balkan Peninsula creating the First Bulgarian Empire. Then taken by Russ, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire for almost 500 years. Proclaimed independence in 1908, captured by Russians became Communist state. Bulgaria joint European Union in 2007. Happy?

Yeah I know now historians want to kill me, but commmme on, just to give some general view of the important facts. My purpose for all that is to show how rich past has this country. Being on the border of the continents Bulgaria had always important, strategic position, crossed by mixture of nations. But where the hell was the mistake which made Bulgarians shake their heads to mean yes and nod for no?! 

Why Bulgaria, why?

Trying to find an answer, asking people I managed to find just one explanation, which is legend coming from Ottoman oppression. The Turk holds a sword blade to the throat of a Bulgarian Christian and asks, if he is Christian. To nod “yes,” they would have to cut their throats, but they could nod “no” without hurting themselves. In consequence, they had to change the gesture to be side-to-side for “yes”, in order to fool their rulers. This story makes sense, but is it real? Maybe it was made up after frustration of being under oppression of hated Turks? Do Bulgarians know why they are the only one in the world which changed the most known gesture to the opposite? I haven’t found out, maybe you will…Rose oil

Pride of the country

Coming out of this fizzle I would like to mention ROSES as a pride of Bulgaria. They are one of the biggest producers of rose oil used in cosmetics and food industry. Almost three quarters of the rose oil for the entire world which is quite impressive.

The rose oil is 3 times more expensive than the real gold. For this reason Bulgarians call roses “the liquid gold“. To extract one kilogram of rose oil they need 3000 kg of roses! They pick every flower by hand, so you can understand high quality and price of the product. Smell is not my favorite, reminds me smell of grandmother clothes. Hence, I was not attracted by sellers wanted me to smell as well as purchase their products. Roses jam though… mmmm that is amazing! Visiting the Rose Valley while the flowers starts to bloom and Roses Festival are my goals for next trip in Bulgaria! Have you seen that yet?


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