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Siquijor is one of the true paradise islands of the Philippines. Going around Siquijor Island by motorbike is easy and the most convenient way to travel. I stayed for a couple of days there and had a great time hanging out with locals and discovering the natural gems. I have visited 9 islands in the Philippines, and I have to admit Siquijor was my absolutely favorite. In this post I will recommend you what to see in Siquijor Island and where it’s worth to stop while going around with a motorbike.

What to see when going around Siquijor Island?

Little Island in the Visayas, is the perfect place for snorkeling, diving, getting tan on the white sand beaches and simply relaxing as there is no crowd of tourists like on Coron Island or Palawan. There are plenty of spots worth stopping by, while going around Siquijor Island by motorbike.Old mangrove trees in Siquijor Island and white sand beach.

Century Old Tree

The old tree stands near the main road and it’s easy to recognise by its huge net of roots and branches. Underneath there is a fish spa, which I would count as one of the highlights of Siquijor Island. A little pond with dozens of fish eating dead skin pieces from your feet feels so ticklish! It’s so much fun when they gather around you and start nibble your feet. Apart from little fish there are few huge ones which look scary when they come near you. I was afraid that they will bite my toes out. Entrance to the place has a fee of 20 php and 5 for parking.Fish SPA under the century old tree in Siquijor, Philippines. Century Old Tree in Siquijor with tons of branches and girl looking at it.

Lagaan Falls

When you arrive to Lagaan Falls, you will see the image you probably saw on the internet while researching about Siquijor. I am talking about the rope swing over the waterfall from which people perform the craziest jumps possible. There is also a slide on the rocks, if you are bored with the rope. The waterfall itself if pretty, and worth coming by even if you don’t want to jump. A little cave beneath, makes it nice to swim inside and have a warm shower while lying on the rocks. There is entrance fee of 50 php plus 10 php for parking. The path is easy and short, but there is a guide coming along with every tourist, and he will do anything to get a tip. He will tell you stories, advice where to go, give you a hand when you going out of the waterfall and will follow you until you pay him to leave you in peace. Joke.

Campugahay Falls

I didn’t get why Lagaan Falls have entrance fee, and Campughay don’t while there are much more attractive. Campughay falls are bigger, have several lines for jumping and 3 waterfalls, where two have perfect spots for swimming and jumping. The first one is quite touristic as its the biggest and the most popular for jumps from the rope, but if you want to enjoy less crowd, come up and have a water massage under the waterfall. This place looks literally like a piece of paradise and it’s absolutely must see on Siquijor Island.Siquijor Waterfall with ropes to jump.

Lugnason Waterfalls

An awesome path of 12 little waterfalls, each for different zodiac sign. The biggest is the Lugnason fall. I was there during the dry season and the waterfalls had not too much of water, still it was beautiful to see such a stunning nature, with a forest and fresh water springs to swim in. The water is so refreshing and clean with a little fish swimming in. The path has arrows and signs which really helps to get around, as well as two possible ways: easy and adventurous. Two of the waterfalls always have enough water to swim. The fee to visit the waterfalls is only 10 pesos.

Guiwanon Spring Park

Guiwanon Spring Park is a mangrove reserve with clear spring waters. A bridge over the area will take you to bamboo huts on stilts and the sea view. Everything looks like out of the fairy tale with lush green colors. You can learn about the importance of the mangrove forest for the ecosystem from the boards there.Girl standing on the wooden brindge out of stilts on the spring park in Siquijor.

Paliton Beach for sunset

Paliton beach is in my opinion the best beach in Siquijor. It has everything that a perfect beach supposes to have: it’s a bit remote so no big crowds, cool vibe, white sandy beach, crystal clear waters with just soft sand and no rocks or corals when you getting in, palm trees above to give you shadow and lady selling cheap, cold beer. Awww… this is how you basically spoil yourself. When you arrive to the first beach, just continue walking through the forest and you will reach another part, more remote and with the perfect sunset view. What’s more there is no entrance fee!Paliton Beach in golden hour, Siquijor.

Salagdoong Beach

The beach on the North East corner of the island surrounds beautiful Salagdoong forest. A place is quite touristic and there is an entrance fee of 30 pesos plus 10 for motorbike parking. There is restaurant and bar and few hotels. The place is famous for the rock from which people jump from few meters heights. Salagdoong Beach is a very touristic place. Depends what you like, but I didn’t enjoy the crowd.

Snorkeling in Marine Sanctuaries

In some places coral the reef is protected, and you need to pay entrance fee to snorkel. There are several marine sanctuaries around the island, so just choose one on your way or try snorkeling anywhere you want. I tried snorkeling in Tubod Marine Sanctuary, and it was worth it. It costs 50 php to enter with your own mask but you can also rent equipment at the spot.

How long does it take going around the Siquijor Island?

The island has a ring road all around, which has approximately 80 km. It’s easy to go around Siquijor Island by motorbike as the road is fairly good and most of the time flat. There are few major cities on the way, such as Siquijor, Larena or Maria, which are good stops for shopping on the local markets or having lunch. Going around the Siquijor Island is possible in one day. You will still see all the places I mentioned above. However, if you want to spend some time chilling on the beaches or snorkel, I recommend taking it easy and reserving two days for going around the Siquijor Island by motorbike.The best sunset i Siquijor with amazing colors and boat.

Renting a motorbike on Siquijor Island

Motorbikes rentals are pretty much everywhere, and you don’t even need to search for them as people will stop you and ask if you want to rent a bike every time they see you walking. Public transportation is very rare and taking tricycle all the time will be expensive. Therefore, renting a motorbike is the most convenient way to go around Siquijor Island. You are then free to go with your pace and stop whenever you see something worthy.

From the moment you get down the ferry, you will see crowds of Filipinos offering you the motorbike rental. You can also get to your guest house and surely the staff will have some options for you. Renting a motorbike in Siquijor is cheap. You can get it from 250 to 500 pesos depending of the place. Try to make the price lower, if you feel like they ask for too much. The gasoline costs 50-75 per liter. Even though, there are not many petrol stations on the island, you can get it from the little stands along the road. Look for a coca-cola, liquor bottles with green and red liquids. When renting a motorbike in Siquijor, remember to ask which color of the petrol you should pour.Girl on the motorbike in Siquijor.

Where did I stay on Siquijor Island?

I stayed in a guest house Tagbalayon, which is near San Jose. They have lovely bungalows as well as cheap dorm beds depending what you seek for. You need to get a motorbike to move around as there is not much to do in a walking distance. Unless you just want to chill on the beach and snorkel, then you don’t need a bike as beach is just 5 min walk from Tagbalayon. The owner is gorgeous, and she will help you with anything you need. There is a little kitchen in the dorm, where you can cook and store food and a restaurant 300 m from the guest house which serves local food. Both, guest house and the restaurant have wifi and will help you to rent a motorbike as cheap as 250 php per day. Girl running thought exotic garden in Siquijor.

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