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Saving the bees is a big job – but taking action is easy and absolutely everyone can make a difference! There are many things you can do to help to save the bees and I will mention few of them farther on. Before I talk about solutions, however, let’s learn more about the bees importance and the problem with bees extinction. orange flower macro photography bees extinction

Why are bees so important?

Believe it or not, you have a bee to thank for one in every three bites of food you eat. Bees are essential to life in Earth. They transfer pollen from the male parts to the female parts of flowers. Without this process, many garden plants would not be pollinated and so would fail to produce the fruits, vegetables and flowers. Honey bees perform about 80% of all pollination. This basically means, that around 80% of the food we eat comes from crops that have been pollinated by bees.

Single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day! Those hard-working insects have to visit 2 million of flowers to collect 454 g of honey!

Since ancient times many civilisations appreciate bees and honey plays an important role in many religious. For instance, the kingdom of Sparta in Ancient Greece took ideas from bee colonies, especially regarding discipline, organisation and administration. The Bible, ancient Hinduism or prophet Hazard Mohammad mention honey and bees as well due to their medicinal and dietary importance.natural herbs, green hills, bee-friendly garden

Why are bees in danger of extinction?

Bees are officially on the extinction list. Unfortunately, a deadly mix of pesticides, parasites, and climate change have put bee populations in crisis around the world. Since the 1990s, beekeepers have noted a sharp and astonishing decline in bee populations. Industrial agriculture methods, parasites, and climate change are killing off bees in droves, and the widespread use of bee-harming pesticides are particular threats to honeybees and wild pollinators. Without them, feeding the world’s growing population will be nearly impossible. It’s time to ban these damaging pesticides and protect vital pollinators.

How can I help to save the bees?

balinese culture red flowersEach one of us can help to save the bees. If you are wandering how can you contribute, here are few ideas to save the bees.

Plant a bee-friendly garden

Have you noticed the modern gardens have mostly lawns? Where are the flowers gone? Having your own garden or flower beds, you can help the bees by planting flowers. Plant flowers with single top – double top flowers have less nectar. Avoid hybridized flowers which almost don’t have pollen – basically the more natural you go, the better. It’s very important that you only use natural pesticides and fertilizers in your garden.

If you have no garden, you can volunteer in your city to advocate sensible limits to development. Little gardens do not need a lot of space. Balconies, street corners or flowers along roadways and other public areas count and can be a great contribution.

Support local bee-keepers

Buying local products and vegetables from eco-farming increases sustainability. You can support local bee-keepers by buying their products. Remember, that bees make not only honey, but you can replace commercial cosmetics with locally made beeswax productions. Many beekeepers use products from their hives to create soaps, lotions, and beeswax candles. Honey and propolis are the great remedies for a cold as well as strengthening your immune system.

Sign a petition

There were several petitions to ban bee-killing pesticides in different parts of the world. I like to check open petitions from time to time on change but please do a research about your country in particular. Greenpeace also runs a campaign about saving the bees, which you can sign on the sos – bees site.

Become a bee-keeper

Everyone of us can become a bee keeper. I have been telling you about my Plan Bee, but this term was already used for developing the bee keeping. The Bee keeping does not require land since hives can be placed on the roof. It is something that everyone can do in the leisure time, simultaneously, it can generate additional income for the family and significantly improve nutrition. A typical hive will produce around 12-15 kg or more honey each year.

Sponsor a bee-hive

If you don’t wish to be a bee keeper, you can buy a box hive for a family in poor country, through good gifts website or donate $60 to Hunger Free World in Bangladesh to raise the income levels in rural areas through bee keeping and honey extracting.

Buy a bee-gift from Time Travel Bee

Because I am a Bee, I am trying to promote bee-keeping and saving the bees actions. I decided to make these cute bees earrings – it’s one of my home made productions. This is my pledge to donate 50 % percent from the purchase to Greenpaece project concerning saving the bees. Bee earrings cost 15 $ and to get them just drop me a message to discuss where and when to send them. I make them from modeline-clay and the handles are hypoallergic.earrings bee honey bee jewelry

How can you help to save the bees while traveling?

Supporting local bee-keepers and helping the bees is possible also when you travel. In order to save the bees we need to make a positive contribution on climate change. Each choice we make can make a difference. Being eco-traveler, remember buying food from local markets and producers, try to stay in eco-positive hotels and whenever possible use eco-tours and other eco-initiatives. I am a big fan of slow travel and living like a local while traveling, which makes a positive contribution in the climate changes.

Another great way to generate positive impact while traveling is volunteering for the eco-friendly initiatives. Pick an organic farm to volunteer in or local organisation supporting bee-keepers. Keep always in mind that by making small steps we can make a big difference all together!

“See the change you want to be in the world!”

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13 thoughts on “Take an action and save the bees! Few ideas for everyone!

  • Amy Chung

    What an informative post! I had always known about the importance that bees played in our world and that yes they were in a bad place with all the parasites. But I didn’t realise they were on the extinction list! Great ideas of how we can play a part. Love the suggestions about sponsoring a bee hive though! I can do that!

  • Courtney Hopkins

    Very informative article! I had no idea that 80% of the food we eat comes from bees. With the sharp decline in Bees since the 90s thats very scary to hear about our future food supply if it continues.

  • Shreya Saha

    This is the best blog I came across today. It is very important for us to understand what massive destruction it will lead to if the bees go extinct. As an environment lover, I am a vegan and I do not want any profit to made on the cost of the animals, especially bees. The day humans would learn to coexist, the earth may be saved, but until then, flood follows!

  • Medha Verma

    I had no idea that bees are officially on the extinction list! That’s a pity – I remember reading as a child that bees help in pollination but that’s a lesson long forgotten and I am sorry that I haven’t paid attention to this topic enough! You have put light on another key topic that we people need to focus on and thanks for all the tips that you’ve recommended such as planting a bee-friendly garden or sponsor a bee hive. I didn’t even know you could do that!

  • Sarah

    Fascinating post! I knew bees were important but didn’t realise just how important. I will definitely keep signing the petitions and pleased to say we already have a bee friendly garden. But I think I’m going to sponsor a beehive for my partner for Xmas. BTW cute earrings 🙂

  • Emilio Marcos Sierra

    Love how informative this post! I love how you split the post up into an educational part in why bees are important for us and to the world, and then into another educational but interactive part on the steps we can take to protect bees. I love these kind of articles because it makes you realise just how important nature and our surroundings are to our own existence. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel

    What a great, informative post! I was aware of the importance of bees for our planet but this was still such a nice read. The internet definitely needs more articles like this one. I loved your ideas about how we can all contribute to solving this problem. Thank you for sharing this article!

  • Martha

    I think your last section about saving bees while traveling is the most important part of this article. I went to Czech this summer and I visited a local beekeeper and his hives. I definitely recommend supporting local businesses because that’s very important to do as well as travelers. I like all your everyday suggestions that you provided as well.