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GO GREEN is to become more eco-friendly through everyday choices. When it comes to saving the environment, every bit helps. Our daily decisions matter in terms of carbon emission, waste and many other aspects. Every step farther makes us more ethical consumers and more responsible users with impact on more sustainable environment. To go green doesn’t mean to spend more money, as some people assume. Talking about money, going green will actually save you some, if you are thinking perspectively. It’s an investment in the future, good future for all of our planet and us.

This article is ment to inspire you and create habit of making positive choices each day. I have already told you how to be more eco-friendly while traveling and be a responsible guest. Are there many things I can do? – you ask yourself. Yes! Even every time you go shopping you have a power to make a difference. The same with use of water and waste management. Here is a list of ideas, which you can adapt in your daily routine.Famous veiw point in Semporna Island Hopping Tour. Bohey Dulang island with turquoise waters and view point.

Go green mantra is: reduce, reuse, refill, repair, recycle everything possible



Trash in the river in the Philippines. Experience authentic Philippines.

  • dont buy plastic bottles, get a reusable container and refill it
  • recycle rubish
  • start composting – you can start composting your kitchen and buy the worms from wiggly wigglers
  • use a cloth shopping bag
  • buy products made out recycled materials
  • try to cook fresh food as much as possible which has less packaging
  • print of both sides of paper
  • use rechargeable batteries
  • use a cloth hankie rather than tissues
  • donate leftover paint to a community project
  • collect toners
  • collect used toner cartridges at your workplace, school and turn them into cash for your chosen charity
  • reuse envelops
  • try to sign out of getting leaflets and commercials to your home’s mail box
  • say no to straws
  • buy reusable nappies for your baby
  • get menstruation cups
  • don’t be a litterbug
  • find people to use things you no longer want
  • take your own mug to the coffee shop rather than wasting another cup
  • get e-tickets instead of printing whenever possible


Energy use

  • energy efficient bulbs
  • switch off all appliances which you are not using
  • use full loads in washing mashine
  • turn your computer and monitor off at the end of the day
  • try to put more clothes on before you turn on the heating
  • use green energy
  • wash in 30 degrees and avoid tumble dryers and dishwashers
  • buy local products or grow yours
  • limit use of gardens hoses
  • use a bucket to wash your car
  • use a fan instead of air conditioning
  • take a break from screen time and go for a walk


Woman atauro island timor leste woman collecting wood on the beach. Go green with your every day choices.

  • use environment friendly cleaning products
  • drink tap or filtered water, not botted
  • collect rain water to reuse it
  • turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • repair drooping taps
  • shower instead of the bath
  • put a bag in your lavatory cistern to reduce the amount of water flushed


  • buy fair-trade tea, coffee, bananas, chocolade
  • buy from local markets or local companies
  • purchase organic products
  • support local bee-keepers to save the bees
  • buy local craft beer to reduce beer mile
  • get second hand clothes and donate the ones you don’t use to the charity
  • decrease meat consumption and buy meet from sustainable farms
  • shop for eco-friendly beauty products or make your own

The list of ideas to GO GREEN will be constantly extending. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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