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The most popular food which everyone in Bulgaria knows and loves is Lyutenitza (лютеница). This national relish is made out of tomatoes, onion, red peppers as main ingredients. Bulgarians use this paste as a bread spread or treat it as a sauce for pasta/spaghetti. You can buy it in the restaurants as an aperitif to try it out and then if you like it, take some jars from supermarket when you will be heading home. Of course, I hardly recommend preparing by yourself, which is fairly easy.

Everyone knows this paste due to its ease and low cost of preparation. Students can survive eating only Lyutenitza sent from grandma. Dish is not only super cheap and super easy to make but it is also super delicious! After trying traditional Bulgarian food in a good restaurant: we were served tongue of cow and heats of the ducks, I believe that simple is often the best!

How to prepare Lyutenitza?


5 lbs red peppers
3 lbs tomatoes
1 onion
few chili peppers
clove of garlic
1 spoon of salt and sugar
black pepper


Roast the red peppers, then peel and seed and grind coarsely. After cut the tomatoes in 4-5 pieces each after grind and toss with the peppers in oil, then fry for about 10 minutes. Add the sugar and the salt as well as some water and simmer until the mixture thickens. Half way through, add the ground chili peppers and garlic. Stir well the vegetable spread on the stove. It takes 3-4 hours to have the spread thicken. When it is done, place in clean, dry jars, after put screw on lids and turn them with the lids down. When cool, turn them with the lids up and check if all of them are well closed.

Enjoy your meal!

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