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Looking for the best beaches and breathtaking views in the South of Lombok? You are in the right place. Lombok Island is known for Rinjani trekking. After trekking I really wanted to just get lazy on the beach, that’s why I went to the south of the island which is perfect destination for the surfers and beach lovers.

Beaches in Lombok

Bukit Meresek Hill in Lombok. One of the best view point on south of Lombok. Turkoise waters, small beaches.

Bukit Meresek. Lombok

I was waiting for long time to see beaches and cliffs of Lombok. Why? I was traveling through Indonesia starting from the very west Sumatra, through Java Island and Bali. Until Lombok I didn’t have a chance to spend few days on a perfect beach. I am not saying there are no good beaches to the west from Lombok, don’t get me wrong. But from my experience perfect beaches I finally found here, in the south of Lombok. I guess now, you are wandering what is a definition of a perfect beach in the Time Travel Bee dictionary. I will tell you, because this will be also description of what I found in the south of Lombok.

Sand, white or yellow, no black. Calm and peaceful shore where you can swim without being taken by wave. At the same time, some places which are perfect for surfers. Incredible color of water, which is so clear so you can see through. Stunning cliff’s views with small private beaches you can have for yourself when you go down. No crowd. How does it sound?

It’s not so easy to find a beach like that in Bali as they are black sand or crowded or with huge waves. People go to Nusa Penida island for a perfect beach but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to go there. However, I went to the Gili Islands, where I found what I was expecting from a beach as well. Highly recommend those cute little islands just next to Lombok.

The best spots on the South of Lombok

I was hitchhiking a bit on the south of Lombok and to be honest I found Kuta the most touristic and full of concrete. I cannot understand why the most visitors come there, while there are more untouched and more pretty places. Let me show you the best spots on the south of Lombok.

The best spots on the south of Lombok Indonesia. View from Bukit Meresek.

Bukit Meresek. Finding little beach just for yourself is one of the best things in Lombok.

Meresek Hill & Tanjung Aan Beach

The absolute south Lombok must see! Beautiful Tanjung Aan beach in the bay between the hills. It’s a place where you can rent or get a free chair in the bars, order fresh juice and get tan, swim with no waves or simply relax under umbrella. All beach is full of restaurants as well. If you wish to have a little hike on the cliffs there is Meresek Hill on the right of the beach. Climbing there isn’t tough and the view is completely breathtaking! I was crazy to take pictures on every spot as the water seen from above had beautiful color. The best thing was that along the cliff there were tiny beaches which I could pick and have just for myself enjoying pristine landscape like from the “Lost” movie. What’s more if you stay until the sunset you will be even more amazed about the place.

Just a few minutes by bike towards east, you can get to Batu Payung, which is a lovely beach with a unique rock formation. Highly recommended for watching sunset as well!

The best beach in Lombok Indonesia.

Tanjung Aan beach is a piece of paradise.


When I first came to this village I thought I am stuck with no asfalt or public transport and will die of boredom because there was no good beach (just very dirty one). Gerupok is typical mekka for surfers and as I don’t surf (at least yet) I was quite disapointed the first day. Thanks for the owners of the lovely eco-friendly houses I stayed in, they gave me advices where to explore and I completely changed my mind about the place. I was roaming around the hills with stunning views with beaches and absolutely nobody was there!

The best experience was to get into traditional Sasak village (Sasak is the local ethnic group in Lombok). The village had no more than a few little houses from bamboo and straw and lots of animals. There was just little path going there. Such an experience to meet people living in such a simple way with no electricity or running water. They spoke something in Sasak language and looked at me like they never saw a tourist.

Girls sitting on the roof of eco friendly houses in Lombok Indonesia.

View from Eco Homes in Gerupok.

Selong Belanak

Stunning hills and rock on lombok island in Gerupok Village Indonesia.You might get annoyed by the guys coming every 5 seconds to sell you corn, shoddy jewelry, coconut, pineapple or sarong, but the views around will reward you the stress. White sand of the long beach, lots of warungs to have something to eat, can make the whole day of enjoyment. You can also watch surfers trying to catch a wave and try it yourself. If you get bored of the beach, there’s a viewpoint that’s only a few kilometers northeast away from the beach (less than 10 minutes with motorbike). From there you can have a gorgeous view at the bay of Selong Belanak and the surrounding mountains and hills.

The pink beach

A unique beach which has a bit pink color due to the dead red coral fragments which get blended with white sand by strong waves. This is a real gem, still not touched by mass tourism. Lots of people say, that Lombok is going to be crowded like Bali in few years, it will be a pity to see those pristine spots destroyed by not responsible tourism. There is a hill where you can get a beautiful view on seeing beaches on the both sides of it. No worries about getting the facilities as well. Beach, even though not so popular, has everything you need.

The peninsula is the very west part of Lombok with lots of stunning cliffs and beautiful beaches. I would advice not just getting tan on the pink beach but to have a ride around this little peninsula for breathtaking views. Not far from Pink beach there is also Pantai Cemara – another popular white sand beach. You will be pleased to have a cold coconut there and swim in a clean turquoise water.

Mawun Beach

If for some reason you will get stuck in Kuta and would love to leave this touristic spot and explore more empty place, come to Mawun Beach. 25 min. drive west from Kuta you have one of the best beaches in Lombok, if not the best. The turquoise horse shoe shaped bay is sheltered by two headlands which make for mostly calm waters perfect for swimming. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas in the middle of the beach or walk to one of the sides where it is a little bit calmer. The right side, when looking towards the ocean, is the best area for swimming as there is very little reef in the water.

Don’t hesitate to share your favorite spots in Lombok to extend this list and inspire the others! Gerupok Village with colorful boats and surfing paradise in Lombok.Girls sitting on the Meresek Hill next to tanjung aan beach in Lombok.


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