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We can change the world by doing small steps, and collectively it will achieve huge goals. In this article I will show you few websites which make a difference. It turns out that by very little effort we can do really big changes. These are NOT money donation sites. These are inspirations to show you the options and get into the habit of making positive actions every day. Websites which make a difference don’t require a lot of work, often are playful. I hope this article will inspire you to make a pledge and start changing the world!

10 websites which make a difference


1.  Save the Rainforest

Woman in Indonesia, carrying the vegetables on her head on the eco farm.Go to The Rain Forest site and click! This is one of those sites where you can trigger the donation from the site’s sponsor by simple click. One click will save one square metre of rainforest! It won’t cost you a penny! Imagine, how many square metres you can save if you click every day or what’s more, recommend this website to you friends? In a year together with your friends, you can save few square kilometres of the rainforest!

2. Go to hunger site

The same idea brings Hunger Site and click triggers a donation. It’s free and will give meal to one person. You can set up your search engine to enter this site every day and simply feed a lot of people.

3. Recycle old spectacles

If you or member of your family has some old spectacles, you can donate them to a person in need. In the developing countries 200 million people live their life in half-sight world. They are too poor to buy spectacles, or eye tests are simply not available where they live. Your glasses can be a window to a new world for someone! Start collecting old spectacles and see how you can help on Unite for Sight.

4. Give a chance

On Kiva, you can lend money for someone in developing country who wants to set up a business. Even small amount of money can help an entrepreneur to realise his plan. Once they have made a success, they will repay your loan. On the website you can choose a particular project and person you want to support.

5.  Make a gift

How many times you did you get a gift which was totally useless? Wouldn’t it be better to make happy someone, who really needs help? For next birthday or Christmas, you can ask your friends to get you a good gift or you can choose buying as a present from you. There is a huge catalogue of gifts on the website, which really help to change the world. What about buying an exploder, to destroy weapons left after wars or tools for a trainee carpenter in Africa? Prices of the gift vary from few $ to hundreds, pick one and change someone’s life.

Myself, as a bee, I am supporting my sisters. The bees are essential for the life on Earth and unfortunately, now on the extinction list. I prepared an article with ideas on how everyone of us can help to save the bees.

6. Distributed computing

Does it sound like a magic to you? Yes, it is magic! At least for me, some websites which make a difference are absolutely mind-blowing. Imagine that your computer, connected to network of thousands of users around the world, can help solving real world problems like AIDS vaccine? You say: what?! Distributed computing is a science which solves the problem by dividing it into many computers and then combining the solutions. Large projects which are impossible for a single computer or person to solve, require a lot of computing power. Recent projects have been designed to look for extra-terrestrial radio signals, to look for prime numbers so large that they have more than ten million digits, and to find more effective drugs to fight cancer and the AIDS virus.

7. Give away things you no longer need

There are plenty of ways to donate your clothes to charity, not used paint to local communities or books to the library. You can also register on Free Cycle and join the nearest group to give away your things and search what you need.

8. Play the game

Second life is a fantasy world where you can choose your avatar and play. You are able to make a campaign in this imaginary world and raise real money for charity.

Dry landscape atauro island top of the island.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world”

Anne Frank, diarist and Holocaust victim

Websites which make a difference are numerous. These I found in Michael Norton books: “The everyday activist” and “365 ways to change the world.” Those books are full of inspirations and tips I was not even aware of! However, I don’t want this list to be closed on 9 points. If you know other websites which make a difference, please share in comments below. Let’s inspire each others!Beautiful green hills, meadow and flowers in Indonesia near Mount Bromo.

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