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Lovely architecture plus chill vibe in the evenings, made my stay in Szeged very enjoyable. My first time on the south of Hungary was a blast. I am sharing now a little guide on the best things to do in Szeged as well as 3 things you need to know before coming to Szeged.Fountain in szeged, the icon of the city, south hungary. Colorful sign where to make picture in szeged.

3 things you need to know before coming to Szeged

Architecture old town szeged, corridor above the street, blue sky. Things you need to know before coming to szeged.First of all, coming to Szeged, you need to know that it’s a capital of paprika, a spice made from dried, powdered capsicum fruits. Being there one week, I ate as much pepper as I normally eat during few years. Starting from breakfast, when we often had the pepper paste – also famous in Balkan countries. For lunch and dinner there could be grilled pepper or as an addition with the sauce or salad.

Secondly, Szeged is a well-known students city with lots of universities and local as well as international students. Therefore, exploring the city of Szeged, you will feel like a constant party is happening as people love to drink beer along the river or in the old town’s pubs. As I am a fan of local breweries and support local producers when I travel, there I didn’t have much of choice. Wherever I went I saw Czech beer. Surprisedly, Hungarian people don’t like Hungarian beer too much, they drink beer from Czechia, because it’s simply better. I cannot complain though, as Czech beer is in my opinion the best in the world!

Third, the main attraction of Szeged is the Open Air Theater Festival every May. This is when calm city of Szeged becomes crowded and a lot of events are happening. A unique musical clock you can find in Szeged city center, which first was heard at the Open Air Festival in 1936.

Things to do in Szeged, Hungary

Szeged is a lovely city on the South of Hungary, which could be a perfect stop for a weekend. During summer there are many festivals held in Szeged. Apart from the main Open Air, there are beer and wine festivals or even a fish soup festival. Therefore, summer is definitely the best time to visit south of Hungary.Protestant church szeged hungary, flowers, stone church. Things to do in szeged, hungary.

Visiting the old part

Old part of Szeged is lovely architectured area, with few pedastrian streets full of cafes and restaurants. You can chill on the square in front of the University building, where the fountain is. The old part has few architectural gems, such as secessionist Jószef Móricz house or Twin Villas.Old yellow tram in the city of szeged, hungary. Things to do in szeged, old town, architecture hungarian.

See Szeged from above on the Cathedral Tower

Moving from the main square, you will see cathedral towers. The Cathedral is a huge baroque building with beautiful interior. It’s also possible to climb up the tower and see all the city and river from above. Highly recommended to have an overview on the city.
Cathedral Tower in Szeged ticket price 600 Ft (~1,5 €)

View from above in Szeged, hungary, view from the cathedral tower, red roofs, river, bridge.

Anna Bath

Anna Bath outside, sun beds, szeged, hungary. What to do in szeged? Szeged for weekend.Hungary is famous for Thermal Baths. There is one old bath in Szeged, called Anna. It’s in the city center, withing few minutes walk from the main square. From all things to do in Szeged, this one is my absolute fav! You will find several pools with mineral water in different temperatures, sauna, jacuzzi and ordinary pool for swimming. The great thing about the Anna Bath is that during the week it’s also open by night, from 9 pm until midnight. The evenings there are mostly young people, socialising, couples dating while during the day you will find the majority of elders.
Anna Bath ticket price is 1200 Ft – around 3 € for unlimited time.

Just in front of the Anna Bath going direction to the center, you can find a fountain with little statue of Anna on the top. It’s actually a tap with hot mineral water, which you can drink. The water is really hot and tastes disgusting, but it contains precious minerals.

Synagoge of Szeged

Szeged used to have lots of Jewish before II World War. They either were caught by Hitler’s troops or run away to another country. The sinagoge is Szeged nowadays gathers a little Jewish community, which still come for every Saturday Shabbat celebration. The synagoge inside is just stunning! Baroque dome, Roman columns and Byzantine-inspired bellows. On both sides of the nave, beautiful stained-glass windows count out the Jewish holidays. The aron and bimah are made out of the marble from Jerusalem, while the menorot are made from ormulu set in semi-precious stones. Jews prospered here thanks to commerce and the wood and paprika industries.
Synagoge in Szeged Ticket price 1200 Ft/person to visit inside with a guide.

The water tower in Szeged

Interesting building – over hundred years old water tower, stands on Saint Steven Square. You will reach it in around 15-20 min walk from the main square. You can also climb up to the top during the summer.
Water Tower in Szeged ticket price – 610 Ft.Old water tower szeged hungary. Girl walking on the saint steven square. Things to see in szeged.

Móra Ferenc Museum

The museum itself has a great location: on the bank of the river, next to the lovely park with fountains, castle ruins and picturesque sign of Szeged. You will find permanent and temporary exhibitions of region’s history, archeology, ethnography and natural science.
Mora Ferenc Museum ticket price – 1.990 Ft/person.Museum in szeged, birds flying over dinosaurs in szeged, hugary.

Eat Kürtőskalács – Hungarian sweet

From the things to do in Szeged. I have to mention eating traditional Hungarian sweets. Kürtőskalács is a chimney cake, which is apparently not only Hungarian. The origin of this delicacy was Szekely Land – Hungarian speaking part of Romania. Besides, Kurtos is widely spread around Europe. You can eat it on every corner in Prague as well as in many places in Poland.

When are you planning to visit south of Hungary? See the highlights of Hungary.

Kortuskolac traditional hungarian sweet. Things to eat in szeged.

Kürtőskalács – chimney cake with icecream and cookies

Cathedral szeged interior, stane glass, ceiling. What to see in hungary?

Cathedral Sheged.

Thermal water tap szeged, anna bath, anna statue, szeged attractions.

Thermal water tap in front to the Anna Bath, Water is hot, healthy and drinkable but the taste is horrible

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16 thoughts on “Things to do in Szeged, South Hungary

  • Jane Dempster-Smith

    When am I going to visit South Hungary? After reading your article I want to go now. I am a great lover of Czech beer after spending a month there last year. I also love Paprika. There is so much to see and do. I will have to plan my time well to fit it all in. Thanks for the article.

  • Shreya Saha

    The view of the small town from the Cathedral Tower must be so impressive. I have heard of Szeged in terms of day tour from Prague. I never read so much about it before. Thermal baths are really a thing in Hungary, so I would surely try Anna bath there. The town overall looks pretty in summer.

  • Leah

    You’ve convinced me that I need to go here! It looks and sounds so lovely. I was immediately intrigued when I read that it’s the capital of paprika (I LOVE cooking with paprika)! 🙂 But the cathedral and synagogue and baths all sound wonderful.

  • Anda

    My husband is Hungarian so we go to Hungary quite often, but I’ve never been in Szeged. Part of the reason is that I love Budapest too much and I don’t feel like going anywhere after we land there. However, I’ve heard that Szeged is quite beautiful and totally worth visiting. After reading your post I decided to add this to my list for next time we go to Hungary. I am particularly curious to see if the Szeged Synagogue is as beautiful as the one in Budapest.

  • blair villanueva

    Never been to this city but I may say it is impressive. I like that is it accessible to anything and lots of universities. I guess there are many cute boys as well 😀 That adds for more motivation to visit this city.

  • yukti

    I never knew about Szeged before reading your post but it really is worth visiting. I loved the architecture of this place and especially the roof of Ferene museum. I am drooling over Kürtőskalács which is a combination of chimney cake with ice cream and cookies. Thanks for sharing an offbeat destination in southern Hungary with us.

  • Arnav Mathur

    Never knew that Szeged was the capital of paprika. I loved Budapest, but Szeged is drastically different from Budapest, which is why am going to be checking it out on the next trip. And the fact that theres a lot to do in this quaint city and so many dishes to relish, makes it an amazing city to visit for sure.

  • Soraya

    I absolutely love using paprika as a spice, so it’s so fascinating to learn that Szeged is the capital of paprika! How funny that you ate so much partika/pepper inspired dishes – more than you would in a year. I am totally a fan of views, so the Cathedral Tower is totally the spot for me to take in the sights of Szeged. Kürtőskalács sounds so delicious and fascinating to learn it’s actually not originally from Hungary!

  • Suma

    I love visiting quaint little towns, they are a highlight for me while travelling. Szeged is definitely one such place, and a must visit while in Hungary. Visiting the Paprika capital would be a delight ofcourse. The view of the old city from the Cathedral Tower is gorgeous.