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Prague main squarePrague is a magic city and most of the people simply fall in love with its charm. I used to live here for one year so trust me, I know where you should go to see best places! I prepared for you tour including highlights of Prague, the most beautiful spots. Most of those are well crossed by majority of tourists but apart from those I share with you off the beaten path places as well. I invite you for a lovely walk, full of old architecture and astonishing views over the city during which you will explore best places in Prague! What’s more you are not gonna spend a penny!

What to see in Prague?

Let’s start our walk from the most important place which is old square with City hall and beautiful churches. You are not going to miss that! Especially, the astronomical clock Pražský orloj which is the oldest astronomical clock in the world still operating. The clock mechanism itself is a masterpiece! It includes three main components: the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details. Secondly, “The Walk of the 12 Apostles”, a clockwork hourly show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures for instance figure of Death (represented by a skeleton) striking the time. Third part is a calendar dial with medallions representing the months. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Continue our walk towards famous Charles Bridge – monument desired to see the most among tourists. Always crowded? No! I was told by my lovely Couch Surfing guest that there are two places in the world which must be visited for the sunrise; First is Angkor Wat in Cambodia and second is Charles Bridge! I am not sure if sunrise on the Charles bridge could be my favorite, but good photos and no crowd guaranteed! I think the most beautiful sunrises I have seen in Indonesia so far, on the Bromo Volcano and Borobodur temple. I would add few more I guess to this list, like Bagan in Myanmar or Merapi Volcano in Indonesia. Is preparing article about the best sunrise spots a good idea?

Old part of the city

Prazsky OrlojWalking along the Vltava river from the Charles Bridge on Malá Strana district you can find many interesting places. I have to admit this part is the most charming and original and sadly many tourists skip it heading straight to the castle. One of them is a lovely nook of the most narrow street in the world with traffic lights! It has just little more than 1 m of wide and to pass it you need to wait for a green light! It was so enjoyable to walk that way seeing people stopping and smiling when they saw those traffic lights. If you will be around don’t miss this cute street. Press the button if the light is red and wait to go down the street to see one of the best views on the Charles Bridge.

Just after this street, walking towards Malostranská metro station you come by the Kafka museum. Even, if you are not interested in visiting the museum itself I recommend entering the square in front of it to see an interesting sculpture. Two guys peeing on Czech Republic… Metal sculptures even move their hips!

Nearby, still on Malá Strana district discover beautiful Wallenstein Palace Gardens, with white peacocks, amazing architecture and interesting black wall of artificial stalactites. Garden is free of charge and closed during the winter season.

Contemporary arts

Not to mention Kampa island with John Lennon’s wall which you will see walking the opposite direction from the Charles Bridge. Apart from hippie wall full of graffiti there is another piece of art waiting for you. Creepy sculptures of huge size ugly black babies crawling around without face look like taken out of a horror movie. It is an art of very famous Czech artist David Černý. The same babies crawling on the highest building in Prague – the TV tower on Zizkov district. You can see the tower from the castle hill as well, no need to travel to Zizkov (except if you want to discover student’s pubs because it is student’s district). I have to mention that this tower had second place in the competition for the most ugly buildings in the world… What an award, isn’t it?Prague Cathedral

Best views in Prague

Walking up the hill finally you rich the pearl of Prague – the castle with Cathedral of St. Vitus. You will be overwhelmed by beauty of those buildings. Walking farther you can step in Strahov monastery (Strahovsky klaster) old monastery with very good brewery. Then continue walking along Petřin hill enjoying new over the city. You may climb up lookout tower if you wish to pay the fee.

When going behind the castle see another part of the Royal gardens, very peaceful and beautiful. Continue walking until you reach a huge park called Letná. The best views are from here because you have all Prague underfoot. My favorite view point is from the Letenský zámeček! Small but interesting architecturally building from where you can see few Prague’ bridges in a row.Prague view point

While having a nice walk through the park and enjoying the views you reach metronome – famous statue, symbol of freedom after communism collapse. In the same place was standing enormous statue of Stalin. Now square next to the metronome is very famous for young people to come for a beer, play music, use the skate-park. Don’t be surprised by long cable with many shoes hanging on it. The story behind it is that skates were throwing their destroyed shoes on the cable. Somehow it became tradition that travelers or Erasmus students leaving the city. Throwing shoes will make them come back to Prague again.Prag

What about evening in Prague?

Prague by nightPrague looks amazing during the night with the lights reflecting on the river. If you want to have a picnic or beer watching stunning sunset with a view on the Prague castle don’t forget to go to the Riegrovy Sady. It is a park on Vinohrady district, short walk from Václavské náměstí – the main street with National Museum in the end. Plenty of people come here to enjoy the view and cool atmosphere with beer or joint.

Place to enjoy local night live is also Naplavka! You will reach it walking or taking tram from the center along the river in the direction of Vyšehrad. Naplavka is like a promenade on the sea side. People come here to listen live music, talk and of course drink the favorite Czech drink – Czech beer.

I think 2 days in Prague is enough to cover all the highlights of the old part and see the most beautiful spots. However, if you have more time you can enjoy lots of beer and I have to tell you that beer in Czech Republic is my opinion best in the world. About the beer I have another post, where I recommend where to go for a beer in Prague. Czech Republic is a country of beer culture, in my opinion the best beer in the world. If you are confused about Czech Beer degrees and kinds I also prepared essential guide for you. It will allow you to learn about mysterious numbers describing beers and not to get drunk baffling them.

Enjoy your stay and walking around top sights in Prague! Feel free to share your favorite spots in the comments below.

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