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Czech Republic has unique beer culture with no doubt! Traveling around Czechia will make you see different types of beer foam, will make you confused with Czech beer degrees or upset with Czech rude customer service. That’s what you will get in Czechia – experience like no other!

Beer nation doesn’t appreciate bottles much. Bottled beer you may take for a picnic or trip when you can’t find any better solution. Cans? Oh come on! That’s like offense! Good beer must be fresh, served straight from the pipe. What’s more, pubs should clean pipes as often as possible, in big breweries even every day, to give this golden liquid its real taste.A girl drinking beer in czech republic in the brewery. She is drinking dark beer, called tmave.

Czech Beer Foam or Czech Beer?

Pouring beer is like an art in Czech Republic. Czech beer foam is very important in beer tradition and there are 4 ways of serving. All of them make taste different and unique.

  1. ČOCHTAN is beer with no foam. People consider it as beer for real connoisseur which know how to drink it. Besides, it has the biggest amount of CO2 and seems to be very strong and full. Since Czech people love foam, it is not popular kind at all.

    Beer foam in Prague is very important. A glass full of light Czech beer called Pisner

    Fot. Pilsner Urquell

  2. ŠNYT is a glass filled in 2/3 part with few centimeters of beer covered with big foam. Like the previous kind is poured at once which makes the foam thick and refreshing. Some people joke that it is a small beer in a big glass (because real man doesn’t order small glass of beer, it is for girls!)

    Snyt, czech beer guide, how to serve czech beer

    Fot. Pilsner Urquell

  3. HLADINKA (smooth) is very popular kind which is beer with a thick foam on the top. This kind is a masterpiece for a waiter because he has to pour all at once without break with a perfect smooth and flat foam on it.

    Hladinka in a beer glass is a beer with huge beer foam

    Fot. Pilsner Urquell

  4. MLÍKO (means milk) is a whole glass of foam. It visually looks like milk but when you drink it you don’t taste a foam but real taste of beer in a creamy form. Foam is really thick. Usually drinkers order it in the end of feast and drink all at once shortly after pouring. It is favorite kind for woman as well as old people or those who don’t appreciate bitter beers, milk tastes sweeter.

    Mliko is the weirdest czech beer foam  because it's just foam. How to serve czech beer?

    Fot. Pilsner Urquell

Do you like locally crafted beers?

As fan of responsible traveling and sustainability, I like to support local producers, bee-keepers and appreciate regional traditions around the world. When traveling I am trying to buy products from local farmers and manufacturers. I love locally crafted beers, cognac or wines. Buying locally supports the region economy, decreases CO2 emission as the products didn’t travel far. Therefore, I highly encourage you to always buy locally!

Do you want to go for a beer now? Skip touristic pub crawling which will just mug your wallet. I will show you the best places to go for a beer in Prague for free! A must try during your next visit! I also prepared guide around Prague, with which you will visit the city like a local! Beer foam in Czech beer. Czech beer guide, dark czech beer, dark beer in the glass.

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