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Going for a beer in Prague is a difficult choice to make for newcomes. Therefore, I prepared a breweries guide, pointing the best beers in Prague. Czech Republic is a country of beer and visiting Prague, and not trying any beer is like visiting Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. Definitely having strong beer culture, long tradition of beer making, plenty of breweries and variety of beer kinds.

At the same time, I want to admit that this guide on where to go for a beer in Prague is based only on my personal experience and no of the breweries paid me or asked for promotion. I spent one year in Prague so believe me, I had a lot of time to discover, taste and at last share my favorite places and advice.

Czech beer essentials

Hopefully, you have already read previous post: Czech beer essential guide and now you are ready to choose the right beer for yourself. Beer had also original way to serve in Czech Republic, where the amount of foam is really important. Briefly, there are 4 ways of Czech beer foamfrom no foam to only foam beer. From many facts about Czech beer you must know the beer drinking etiquette. Always look in the eyes of a person you say cheers to.

Where to go for a beer in Prague?

Pivovar lod' is a czech brewery in Prague. Boat on Vltava river with the best sunset view. Original breweires in Prague is where to drink beer in Prague.Czech Republic has over 20 breweries. Sometimes even small restaurant brew their own beer, and you can’t get this beer anywhere else! Oh, how much I love it! So unique!

The great thing about Czech beer culture is that Czech people love to eat along with having a beer. Therefore, all places which serve beer they also sell food. You don’t have to search for separate place to eat then, all spots in this breweries guide will offer you traditional Czech food.

Breweries guide in the center of Prague

Great beer serves a brewery in the Strahov Monastery, just few steps from the Prague castle. Monastery has long tradition of beer making (13th century) and really good quality crafts. Microbrewery serves few variations of St. Norbert beer, the not filtered and not fermented brews include a bitter Amber blend that is similar to a German Märzen or a German Lager beer, and a dark Vienna brew from Dunkel. If you will be there try IPA, which has unique taste!

Exploring farther, I can recommend Pivovar Narodni next to the National Theater. Briefly, great beer, service, prices and location. I highly recommend trying not filtered beer here. Brewery/restaurant has a huge garden as well which is a yard of the old monastery and the National Theater on the other side. Beautiful architecture and quite place for a beer in the center of the city. It used to be my favorite when they were just starting their business. Nowadays, with fame, the quality is a bit lower, but still worth recommending.

Now, my favorite brewery (hope not just because it’s new, wish they keep the quality) is Pivovar Lod’ which is located on the SHIP! We asked, they really make all the crafts on this ship and you can see all the containers and equipment. Boat floats on Vltava river in the center of Prague, but approximately 15 min walk from the main square towards Letna Park. Although it’s a ship, the location seems to be permanent.

I fell in love in Republica beer they serve. It’s a lager but not bitter at all. They make few beers, and I can say all of them have great quality and taste, just chose one to match your preferences and you will simply love this place. Lower platform is a pub, upper is more like a restaurant. I don’t have to mention the great view on the river while drinking beer on the terrace.

Novoměstský pivovar, close to Vaclavske Namesti which also has range of different tastes of beer. You can experience a typical Czech feast, heavy traditional food and music. Together with the design, you will feel like in the village festival!

I can also mention Pivovarski dum which means brewery house. Apart from ordinary kinds, you find all special flavors like coffee, chocolate, nettle or banana beer.Girl drinking dark beer in Czekia. Brewery inside with tanks of beer, one of the best breweries in Prague.

 4 microbreweries in the heart of Prague

Want to have a small pub crawl? There are 4 very famous microbreweries in the heart of Prague very close to each other. They are one of the most known and touristic, which you will see from the crowd and high prices. However, I mention them, as the beer quality is worth it.

Brewery U Medvidku with tradition going back to 15th century has a range of local crafts. Nowadays experimenting with the strongest beer in the world called X- Beer. Moreover, they offer another touristic attraction – brewing your own beer in their cellars.

Just next to it is Pivovar U Tří růží with a high quality beer. They offer traditional lager beer, dark lager and great semi-dark red beer (Vienna malt). I also tried their Pale Ale with a citrus aroma, and I can recommend it. Brewery offers discovering the cellar as well, to learn about brewing process.

On the opposite side of the street Pivovar u Zlatego Tigra where you can see typical Czech feast: every evening is full of people, specially old Czechs, drinking tons of beer. Worth to have a look and see what means Czech “hospoda” (place to drink beer).

Another touristic brewery but with good beer is U Fleku located little farther from the other 3. Again, you can see the typical Czech feast, try traditional food with great beer and… lose a lot of money. However, seeing the breweries cellars is a worthy experience.

Beer houses in Prague

Apart from the breweries there are many pubs serving amazing beer selection. Those places don’t brew their own beer but serve high quality crafts or are famous for offering hundreds of choices.

In the center, you can go to Ferdinanda, amazing beer from Ferdinand brewery. As for a place just next to Vaclavske Namesti (main walking street) very cheap prices for the quality of beer and food. However, be sure you won’t have a polite service there. As I already mentioned in another article service in Czech Republic is often rude, especially if you are not in the touristic restaurant. Ferdinanda has great traditional food as well in not touristic prices. Ferdinand is a brewery located in Benešov, but many Prague’s pubs serve this beer and it’s one of the best lagers I have tried.Where to go for a beer in Prague? Dark interior of brewery in Prague, cool atmosphere, dark beer and apa - Prague best beers.

Next to the bus station in Florance you can find Pivny Dum translated to the house of beer. They have few great draft beers which change frequently as well as hundreds of bottled beers from various countries. Coming there you will get a menu which is literally a book of beers. I had a headache when it came to choosing the one to order.

Next to Namesti Republiky, you must visit T-Anker! It’s a restaurant on the roof top, accessible by elevator under Fotva shopping mall. Apart from great beers you can just go there to enjoy the romantic view on the Prague’s old town. It is always hard to find free place on the terrace, and nearly impossible to find one for the sunset, so be aware to come earlier or make reservation.

Over 40 different fresh draft beers on 3 floors hospoda you will find in Zlý Časy. Traditional Czech Pub atmosphere will allow you to enjoy variety of beers to the fullest. Besides, you will never have enough because the beer choice often changes. Real paradise of beer!

Another place where you can try variety of beer is Beer Museum the one on Dlouha street. It’s not the real museum just a pub with 20 different draft beers. The great thing about this pub is that you can take a tasting set – beers in a small “shot” glasses. Perfect idea to have a glimpse of what they have before you choose the big one for yourself. Moreover, they have some amazing kinds there like for example Matuska! This brand is very rare but incredible a must-try for all! It’s not popular to serve because of the high price, but surely worth it.Czech beer guide. Beer in Czech Republic.

Where to go for a beer in Prague out of the center for a non-touristic experience?

Talking about Matuska beer, you can get in also in brewery Kulovy Blesk close to Namesti Miru along with other high quality draft beers and traditional food. You will never feel bored with this place because they change menu of the beers regularly.

If you will happen to be in Hradcanska area, 10 min walk from the castle I can recommend small, local hospoda named Karkonoska Hospodka. Apart from the beer from Karkonose mountains, you can always try some good beer there from Czech microbreweries. This place is small and cozy, not known for tourists. They usually serve 4 types of beer, 2 are their permanent offer and other two are constantly changing. All in all, they always serve beer from microbreweries so be sure to try something particular.

However, I noticed that hospoda tent to be closed for weekends and during the week I could never find an empty table there. The best thing to do is to call them before and make reservation so that you won’t make all the way for nothing. Yeah, Czechs are crazy about reservations. Better keep that in mind.

Another great place is near Jeriho z Podebrad. It’s a beer shop/pub called Beer Geek. You can find many international brands there as well as Czech crafts from unknown breweries. I mention this place also because you can get there bottles since it’s a shop. If you like good beer to take away or bring some souvenirs home, most of the breweries I have just mentioned will not have bottles to sell.

Vinohradsky pivovar  – brewery on Vinohrady district, has the best wheat beer I tried in Prague! Apparently not so far from the center and again with typical Czech ambiance.

If you stay in Prague for longer and want to discover breweries which are totally far from the center, I have few options for you. Basta on Zizkov district or U Bulovky close to Palmovka are far but worth to travel. Last one I want to mention is Pivovar Hostival, almost in the end of Prague, but with perfect beer and food and feeling of a village picnic.Tanks of beer. Czech beer guide.

Breweries which you should avoid

The biggest one in Prague – Staropramen  in my opinion and many Czechs it’s the worst one. If you decide to visit it be sure it’s very touristic and commercial. There are much better smaller local breweries to go. I was always trying to steer clear of the pubs where Staropramen was mentioned as a draft beer. Of course, it is not so bad if you compare with any ordinary beer from other countries but for God’s sake, you are in Czech Republic! It’s the motherland of beer, so you can choose something much better than Staropramen which is just OK.

Just few streets from the Charles Bridge you will find Brewery Most u Valsu which is often full of organized groups of tourists. I mention it because it may be recommended in some guide books or websites. In my opinion beer is very low quality and once me and my friend got stomach poisoning after visiting there. It happened more than once so this cannot be an incident.

Going for a beer in Prague tips

Don’t waste your money on pub crawl offers, which are so touristic and expensive. Read and choose where you want to go for a beer in Prague: in the center, out of the center, touristic or local. Make your own tour and I assure you, that with this breweires guide you’ll try the best beers in Prague!

Another advice I can give is to download a mobile application Breweries where you can see map of all breweries and microbreweries in the whole country. Nowadays, they extend in Slovakia as well. Every spot has rate in stars and opinions from the visitors (unfortunately, mostly in Czech language). However, the app will let you know if there is any place close to you worth stepping by.

Visiting Prague? See my guide on How to visit Prague like a local.

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