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Capital of Algeria is a must-see while visiting the country. With this 2 days itinerary you will see all the highlights of Algiers, discover historical sights as well as beautiful view points. Algiers is a huge city, however two days are enough to cover the most important attractions and places of interest.

2 days itinerary in Algiers

Algerians in Algiers old streets of Kasbah.First day of 2 days itinerary in Algiers I would recommend to spend in the old part – the Kasbah. Heart of the city with over two thousand years of history stands on the steep hill. The Kasbah is full of narrow lanes and beautiful architecture mostly from Ottoman Empire times. Absolutely worth to visit and get lost in the labyrinth of streets. I created full itinerary on visiting Kasbah with map, so without repeating information I invite you to have a look there and see the old part of Algiers without guide! The rest of places you can visit during the second day.

Center of Algiers

Just two metro stops from the old town you will arrive to Tafaourah station which is right in the city center. Walking around will make you see connection between Ottoman Empire architecture and  Moorish style, specially visible in the city of Tlemcen on the western Algeria. What’s more the center is full of remains after the French colony. Start from the Grande Post, see Governement Palace and Emir Abdelkader Square. Typical city center with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Jardin d’Essais & The Shrine of the Martyr

Girl twirling in Algerian botanical garden Algiers big old trees.Moving to the other part of Algiers, you will discover the Botanical Garden called Jardin d’Essais du Hamma (metro station Jardin d’Essais). This over 50-hectare garden created by French, originally as a test garden. Now the garden has lots of old trees which brings shadow to the visitors.

You can go up to the hill walking or take a little cable car. You will arrive at the Shrine of the Martyr – the highest monument in Algiers and great view point. It’s a place of memory about Algerian war for independence from French colony. The shape refers to three standing palm leaves which shelter the “Eternal Flame” beneath. At the edge of each palm leaf stands a statue of a soldier, each representing a stage of Algeria’s struggle.


All the places I mentioned above are enough for a 2 days itinerary in Algiers covering the highlights in the city. However, there are some museums if you are interested to learn more about history of Algeria or the weather is suitable to stay indoors. The most popular is Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and National Museum of Antiquities and ancient Islamic art, which is just next to it.

How to move around Algiers?

The most convenient is metro, as it goes to all the most important places for tourists. Besides, it’s so easy to understand as there is a map and all the stations marked. One ticket costs 50 dinars, a 24-hour pass costs DA150 or a 10 tickets pass (valid for a month) costs DA400. Trains run every few minutes from 5am until 11pm.

City buses in Algiers exist but there is no schedule or information about the stops on the way, so it’s difficult to use them for tourists. You will have to ask locals for advice, if the bus is the most convenient for you to move around Algiers.

Taxi is the most popular mean of transport around Algiers. It’s not expensive and the cars have taximeter inside, however it’s not sure that the taxi driver will not cheat you as you are a tourist. Short trips across town should not cost more than DA500, though prices are higher between 9pm and 5am. A taxi from the city centre to the main bus station will cost around DA300 to DA400.

I would recommend downloading the Yassir app which is the Algerian equivalent to Uber. Thanks to the app you will see the price before taking the ride, and you can follow the road with GPS. The only bad thing is that driver will most likely call you and if you don’t speak Arabic nor French you may not establish well the pick up point.

Want to travel around Algeria?

One day trip from Algiers to Tipaza is a great chance to discover ancient Roman city. Check out my guide around Oran – my favorite city in Algeria and the most liberal place in the whole country.

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