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Staying in eco farms, as Kaliandra Sejati, helps building the sustainable environment. I was amazed about their ideology and approach. Kaliandra proudly carries Eco Farm and Eco Resort with wellness center but it’s not everything that they have to offer, but let me get into details…eco resort indonesia

Few words about Kaliandra

eco resortFirst of all it’s important to admit, that foundation of Kaliandra is working with local communities to improve their standard of living. They have few projects which try to conserve natural resources of the region and promote Javanese culture.

One of them depicts Mount Arjuna which provides water for 22 million people (60%) of East Java, is home for high biodiversity, including nearly extinct endemic animals and pilgrimage destination for 52 old shrines. Kaliandra foundation initiative is to plant trees around Mount Arjuna to reforest and restore springs. Another one supports building schools in the region.

The organic farm in Kaliandra is unique. All is maintained by hands, no machines are used. Kaliandra is a place where farmers can learn about organic farming and use the greenhouses.

What’s important, all profits from the Farm, Eco Resort and Wellness go to fund the activities of the Kaliandra Sejati Foundation. Thereby strengthening the local communities, protect the natural resources of Mount Arjuna and improve the livelihoods of local people.

I invite you for an adventure and relax with Kaliandra Sejati! I wish to inspire you to visit this or another eco farm and enrich your experience in more eco -friendly traveling.

3 days program at Kaliandra

Together with Kaliandra Foundation we designed 3 days program of activities in Eco Farm and Resort, which I am honored to announce. I believe that taking part in those activities is not only way to relax, have fun and spend a great vacation but also to support such an impressive initiative towards more sustainable environment. Supporting this project will help local farmers, bee-keepers and make our environment a better place for all of us.

Day 1 See Kaliandra Eco Farm and Resort

During the first day you will be shown around this beautiful area. Walk around the garden, see the beautiful Villa Leduk as well as Wellness Centre. 

In the afternoon you will have organic farm tour. You can try to harvest or plant by yourself. All crops on Kaliandra Eco farm are produced without use of the machines. After harvesting veggies are going to the packing station and are sold in the region. Try them out in Kaliandra’s restaurant!eco farmeco farm

Day 2 Culture and fun

You will have crafts lesson on Batik – traditional Javanese method of clothes painting. I am sure you have seen it already if you have been to Yogyakarta or seen any Indonesian school child uniform. To make Batik, first we applied hot wax on the textile. Later we dyed the cloth and washed in hot water to remove the wax leaving just the pattern we designed. If you enjoy painting you can also try coloring typical Asian bamboo hat and take it home as a souvenir.

In the afternoon you can learn how to play traditional Indonesian instrument – gamelan, and be adventurous on the rope course – flying fox. The rope they have is quite long, so the Bee really enjoyed flying over!indonesia

Day 3 Health & Wellness

Last day you will have herbal tea class, where cooks will show you how to prepare tea from Indonesian herbs and roots. You will try and choose any of them and learn what is their influence on our body. Kaliandra tries to encourage people to use herbs they have around and designed those classes to teach them about properties of particular herbs.eco farm

In the afternoon you will enjoy the Wellness Center and try the enzyme bath. It’s Japanese therapeutic body treatment with powerful detox benefits. This fermentation bathing ritual involves immersing your entire body in a mixture of soft and fragrant ground cedar and rice bran with living enzymes that stimulate metabolic activity inside and out. After that, you will have full body relaxing massage. How does it sound?


Enzyme bath

Apart from those, Kaliandra has restaurant for dining, gym with swimming pool which you are welcome to use anytime. Resort offers luxury accommodation as well as simple bungalows.

Region is the most known for Bromo volcano. If you wish, Kaliandra staff will organize the tour for you, to see the sunrise at Bromo and the crater. Really impressive! I am more of a off the beaten path person, therefore apart from the famous volcano I visited many other places in the area of Bromo which are absolutely stunning.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments or go to  Kaliandra’s website directly. My experience in Kaliandra Eco Farm and Resort was amazing and I can highly recommend this gorgeous place. I loved the peace and greenery of the area. It was definitely ocassion to let my hair down, relax and learn about Indonesian culture. Not to mention delicious Indonesian food they offer! With fresh organic veggies and juices… mmmmm I already miss it!
eco farmeco farm kaliandra kaliandra sejati kaliandra sejati kaliandra sejati kaliandra sejati

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