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I would say Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour is the most famous activity among visitors of Indonesia. This picturesque view at the volcanic landscape looks like out of this world when the sunlight hits the crater and fogs are rising up. No wonder why Mount Bromo is insanely crowded and touristic, it’s the most iconic attraction of Indonesia and the view will surely amaze anyone. Looking inside the Bromo Crater is another spectacular experience, hard to say which had impressed me more. Let me tell you how to get to Mount Bromo and how Bromo Sunrise Tour looks like.How to get to Mount Bromo? Bromo Sunsrise tour to the view point.

Bromo Sunrise Tour – how to get to Mount Bromo?

When I did research on how to get to Mount Bromo I found out, that there are two most popular spots where you can lodge. One of them is just on the foot of Mount Bromo accessable from Probolinggo, and the second one is Malang. First destination is recommended if you want to hike the volcano by yourself with few paths to choose. Trekking is very easy and takes around 1 hour to reach the sunrise spot. Among all the volcanos in Indonesia, one of the easiest. Don’ worry if you are not fit or never tried hiking. If you stay in Malang, which is a bit farther, you will want to rent a motorbike or take a Bromo Sunrise Tour.Girl on the sunrise bromo volcano crater landscape.

Bromo Sunrise Tour – itinerary

Decorated Ganesh on the Bromo crater.

Ganesh on the Bromo crater.

We started at 1 am and drove for over 2 hours to reach the sunrise point. The crowd was insane! I knew that it’s the most popular destination in Java and one of the most popular in Indonesia but I didn’t expect hundreds of people.

The view is like from a painting or fairly tale, so no wonder why everyone wants to come here. Shape of the volcanoes is so symetric, smoke comes out of the crater and flies as a little cloud.  Mount Semeru – one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia just behind. Definitely Bromo sunrise was one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. I think even better than sunrise on Merapi volcano close to Yogyakarta or Rinjani crater on Lombok island.

Up there can be freezeing cold, so be prepared with proper clothes! In a pinch, you can rent a jacket and buy gloves at the place for cheap.

There are plenty of agencies which offer Bromo Sunrise Tour package. I used Our Trip First and all went very smoothly. They organised everything for me, including transportation to Mount Bromo Sunrise, crater, guide and even breakfast. I stayed in their hostel in Malang called Mador, which is very clean dorm with a social place to interact with other travelers.  Overall, my experience with this agency as well as with the hostel is worth recommending.

Heading to Mount Bromo Crater

After the sunrise we went down to the large valley full of volcanic ash which is called the Sea of Sand. Magical volcanic landscape will stand in front of you. On the parking area there are plenty of people which will try to sell you something, among which the most popular is horse ride to the crater. I am not interested in using poor horse as a slave for humans profit, so decided to walk.

It’s also useful to take surgery mask as later on you may need it in the crater. It’s not about the odor of sulfur though, but about the ask kick up by people and horses. It was hard to breath sometimes. Be careful about your camera lens as well, it can get very dusty. The landscape with dust looked more like an Egypt and Pyramids when I looked at it.Bromo crater valley called sea of sands is a bunch of dust.

Climbing the crater is short but steep, last part is just stairs. It took around 15 min. to go up and huge blue water crater opened in front of me. I could see the water boiling and the smoke coming out. It’s incredible how less protections has the edge of it. Just a narrow path around the crater and easy to slip and fall. This fact made me feel even more amazed about where I am and what I am seeing. Nature is absolutely fascinating and Mount Bromo definitely worth visiting.Girl walking on the edge of the crater bromo volcano Indonesia.

After seeing the crater we started to head back super sleepy but satisfied on what we have seen. The way back is beautiful as well, valley of Mount Bromo was lush green at that time, looked a bit like amazing hills in Iceland. Flowers blooming all around made the scenery even more lovely. We stopped several times to make pictures and enjoy it. There is also Rainbow Waterfall on the way back, where many of the tourists taking Bromo Sunrise Tour stop.

Share your Bromo sunrise tour experience and throw any tips you have in the comments box below! If you have more time, discover off the beaten path spots in the area of Bromo. Check the waterfalls, the rainbow village or eco farm. Highly recommended!Bromo sunrise incredible view at the Bromo crater.Polish girl on the volcano trekking Bromo Indonesia.Inside the crater boiling water and smoke coming out so easy to slip.Girl visiting indonesia green hills of bromo volcano, volcanic landscape sunglasses.

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