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I would like to talk about places in the area of the Mount Bromo which are in my opinion worth spending few more days here. Most of the travelers come just to see sunrise on Mount Bromo, which is wonderful indeed, but they don’t even check if there is something else in this region. That’s why, I would like to inspire you to stop by and check area of Bromo off the beaten path. Bromo sunrise incredible view at the Bromo crater.Places which are less touristic not crowded but in my opinion worth having a look. It’s a lovely area with a few waterfalls, hiking spots and greenery, you will adore. To explore the area you can rent a bike or hitch – hike. It’s also a great idea to explore Indonesia by bicycle, if you have enough time. I love slow travel and enjoyed discovering this area with locals from couch surfing.

Bromo off the beaten path 

I am this kind of person which enjoys more destinations away from the crowds. In that way I can relax, no rush to take a photo without a selfie stick on it, sit in a quiet spot and simply enjoy the place. If you did’t like the crowd on Bromo volcano, I found some spots which are more peaceful. Let’s go for a trip around!

1. Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia and the highest on Java island with elevation equal 3,676 m above the see level. It’s an active stratovolcano as well and popular trekking destination on Java island. However, hike is quite demanding, compared with trekking to Rinjani Volcano, because it takes 2-3 days so needs lots of equipment and preparation. I haven’t done it myself but I heard very good opinions about this trekking, and if you don’t mind long hikes that would be surely a great idea.

2. Stunning Waterfalls close to Bromo

Few waterfalls in the area, where the most popular are Coban Rondo and Coban Talun in Batu area, 30 min drive from Malang. If you happen to be in Batu in the evening you should also try going to the top of the hill to admire view at the Batu valley. View at the city lights is lovely and place is totally local!

At the same time, the most impressive is Tumpak Sewu waterfall which is a bit farther but worth the road. It took around 2 hours by motorcycle from Malang to get there. Tumpak Sewu is super wide and huge. First you will arrive at the ordinary house, and the entrance is from their backyard. You will reach the view point of the waterfall just with a few min. walk. The best part was to go down to the waterfall by several ladders, which construction didn’t look trustable and save but why not having some adventure? It was a lot of fun to be down there and be smashed by the watery breeze coming all around from the waterfall.Waterfall Malang, the biggest waterfall in java.

3. Kaliandra eco farm and resort

I spend few lovely days in eco farm Kaliandra Sejati which is a foundation and organic farm supporting local communities. They try to teach people how to live more eco-friendly and promote Javanese culture. Truly beautiful place for relaxing, learning about Indonesian crafts, and using the wellness center.Indonesian eco farm kaliandra with beautiful palace in italian style.

4. Clungup beach and Sempu island

If you are more up for a beach you may head 70 km south from Malang for a day trip. You will find Clunung Beach with Mangrove forest and can go to Sempu Island where is the nature reserve. This is perfect for nature lovers and those who appreciate more of a local experience.

5. Malang

City of Malang has nothing much too offer but lovely Jadipan colorful village made up to attract tourists. The idea was very successful because tons of locals come to take selfies there, so did I. One side is as colorful as a rainbow and other completely blue, which certainly reminds me of the blue city in Morocco. The colofull streets are indeed perfect for photography. No matter that it’s just a touristic attraction, becuase it’s simply gorgeous!

Colorful town, smiling girl in a red dress.Jadupan malang blue village where all the bouses are blue.Village of colors malang warni warna where all the houses are colorful like in a fairy tale.If you can recommend othe places depicting Bromo off the beaten path, don’t hesitate to share in the comments below. Let’s inspire each others! Check out awesome spots in Yogyakarta on Java Island and visit some local gems as well!Bromo off the beaten path with colorful houses in Malang.Colorful village of malang off the beaten path Indonesia.

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